The Scottish Lament

An apt and beautiful piece from Susan as we approach the vote for Scottish Independence.

Owls and Orchids

#The Scottish LamentBlood-soaked Culloden after the battle.

Proud and free they lived

Asking for nothing but a free life

In mountainous Highlands

And Lowlands valleys

Taking only their right to freedom

To breathe the sweet air of the north

Wild and free was their Spirit

Taming a land of wild extremes

In icy freshets they bathed

‘Parritch’ their staple fare

Living where no-one else dared

The English called them ‘heathen’

They also branded them ‘Jacobite’

For the want of a monarch

Bonnie Prince Charlie was he

To live a live they chose

At Culloden betrayed they were

By the pride of Laird and Prince

Their Prince’s money….. Vanished

In their hearts naught but cold and hunger

Nor weapons for their hands

Still they stood to face their foe

Only their pride held them stay

Only pride to fight the bloody affray

Keeping the hated Redcoats at bay

A hopeless cause from that…

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