Simpler Yet

That was another lifetime

Stepped they briefly on a different, winding path,

Trod lightly on the present sense of future,

Glanced hesitantly o’er ghosts of futures passed.

They danced among the thorns of petalled perfume,

Inhaled the scent of floral bouquest’s jest,

Bowed humbly to inevitable conclusion,

Accepted that sometimes fate and life knew best.

Simpler yet than dancing in the moonlight,

In waxing moon while naked to their form,

Was trust in love, far more encompassing

Than considered yet or realised as the norm.


Fit for Purpose

There’s a church near where I live. I’ve been inside it.

A building fit for purpose, there’s no doubt.

But the majesty inherent in its structure

Is less evident within than without.

The inside has an empty sort of feeling,

Like the ghost of Christ passed through there long ago,

Visited the patrons for a moment,

Then left before his spirit chanced to show.


It strikes me as I look upon this structure,

It’s an edifice to god he doesn’t need,

Though wondrous in design, it seems so pointless,

If the wonder doesn’t stretch beyond to feed

The majesty and awe that does surround it,

Created by a hand beyond the man,

It feels like somewhere we have missed the message,

Built the tower but somehow not to plan.

21-5-14 055

Never Say Never

I know you’ve not to do it,

I’ve done this thing before,

Everybody knows it

But still I ate some more,

With ginger and with apricot,

Cranberries as well,

Smoked to fulsome flavour

And a glass of red to swell

Effect of all the cheeses

With the crackers on my plate.

What a night

Of sleeplessness

And dreams

They do create!

Never again.

I think…

Your Flame

You rescued me

From dark nights of the soul,

Raised my voice triumphantly,

Gave words to my goal.

You showed to me

That nothing that I feared

Could vanquish you,

Remove your presence here.

You carried me

When all I did was fall,

Strengthened limbs and heart,

Paid heed

To my helpless call.

I owe to you

The everything I am,

Hold fast to me,


Fortitude and calm.

In love I find

The power of your name,

The heart of world,  

The light within your flame.

Overcoming Obstacles

When I watch the world unfolding on the telly,

With aged power holding on so tight,

I wonder at the causes and the reasons,

I speculate on what is wrong and right.


I see the crowds and hear the rules and wonder

If status quo is so great, as they say,

Why are people marching for their freedom,

Taking time out of their busy day


To beg release from what they deem oppression,

A servitude to rule that can’t reflect

The hearts and minds of innocence now seeing

The world as ruled by purposeful neglect.


I worry and I fret that what I’m seeing,

Acting in, supporting with my soul,

Is part of cosmic chaos justly unfolding

Or realisation of some greater cosmic goal.


I think of anthills, where casual observer

Positions obstacles for circus fun,

To watch trapezists vault and clowns perform their stumblings,

And, hating circus, want to see its ending done.


I wonder at the honesty of all the actions,

I grieve at cynicism I have found.

While watching, hearing, praying, I’m still hopeful

That truth, like electricity, will find its ground.


Then I think of all the marchers singing, hopeful,

Of the ones they’re marching for, determinedly,

And I glory in the knowledge that, despite all,

People cry for freedom, liberty.


By Grace And Understanding

In peril cast they on the shores of deserts,

In buoyant form but stranded in surrounds,

In self-belief and blind by knightly errand,

In cavalerie, air to hostile ground.


On many fronts battles being waged,

On lines at home, in civic buildings wide,

On streets and minds, in military promise,

On internet, fighting side or side.


With truth and lie, many weapons wielded,

With might and strength and cunning subterfuge,

With media encased, pursuing agenda,

With tortured souls, pain raining as deluge.


In time the message alters, takes on meanings,

In hearts of those united in the frame,

In all of history, same brothers form, united

In common cause and called by blood and name.


By change of minds and people centric action,

By understanding why these ways embraced,

By dealing with the core of propaganda,

By altering the way the race is graced.


White Light

You send me into ecstasies where sorrows

Plunge deeper all because of higher heights,

Removal of your glow before my presence

Escalates the gloom to darker nights.

A radiance before my eyes beams stronger,

Surges to my core but blinds my sight,

All senses, not withstanding, love is wonder,

More than physicality – pure white light.


Oh, the times we could have had,

We two together,

Alliance formed in trust

And joint respect,

If not for distance, time

And all the half-truths,

We could have had

Such moments, I expect.


Drinking wine and chatting

Through the small hours,

Watching dawn arise,

New ways to see,

But, challenges unchallenged,

Past the midnights,

Forbade a different path,

So let it be


Alliance there was not,

So goes old story,

Telling in the absence

Of you near,

Mutual trepidation,

Arms at distance,

Let not connection be

A one of fear.

traps and trains


 keep it steamin’ on all fronts

– chugga, chugga, chugga –

engine shunts

— coasting on the flat —

/and down the slopes \

\struggling up the mountains/

how it copes

incredulous to see

although horrific

balletic in display

!!!!! so goddamned specific !!!!!

enemies around

trains on the track

no diversions here

‘we’ve got your back’

– choo-choo, choo-choo, choo-choo –

what a pain

gotta win our cause

what? fuck! again?


keep right on

knowing, even while

those days are gone

knackered at the yard

rusted, forlorn

pistons straining

empire days long gone

where’s the change

 in terminology

…locomotive, train…


wanton in excess

(on all the sides)

aggression wins

oh yeah? hist’ry decides

no worries, folks

Casey’s on the whistle

humming tune, new

 apostolic epistle

***shunty***shunty*** shunty ***

gasp (O) and groan 😦

passengers resigned

shrug shoulders, moan….bugger, shit, feck, fuck!

destination’s further

 down the line

worry not, guys

future’s lookin’ fine 🙂

just around next bend 🙂 🙂

a few more miles 🙂 🙂 🙂

slightly further on 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (sweat hope!)

we’ll all have smiles 😉

at reaching place

we took the journey to

I’m getting off this train

don’t know ‘bout you.

lookin’ for the trap

by horses led

simplistic conveyance

or just lay abed.


And I can hear the rain outside my bedroom window,

Reminding me that Scotland’s here to stay,

In the cooling of the air from humid tension,

Promising archetypal Scottish day

When the showers, so oft bemoaned by many,

Including me, I own, but nevermore,

Wash away the dust, clearing vision,

Nourish hardy tribe from clans of yore.

From the thistle, as an emblem, to the backdrop

Of mountains fit for scaling, this I know,

In the culture of a people lies its mission,

Freedom’s in the heart, so freedom sow.