The Ripple Club

There is a world fast awakening to political intrigue,

To the boys in the backroom, the power clubs of greed.

There’s a world beyond Scotland who know and who care

That what’s done in their name is right, just and fair.

There’s a world that I’ve read of in the pages of here,

Shared by citizens of lands and nations held dear.

I’ve read of Canadian, a mayor of shame,

Of senate and congress, American in name.

I’ve read from the pages of patriots wide,

From countries all over, heads hung where once pride.

I’ve read and imbibed all with wonder and awe

That so many are seeing what lies in the raw.

I’ve speculated reasons for going it alone,

The fears and the hopes in this land of my own.

I’ve reflected on words long held dear in my heart,

‘I was not born for one corner of this globe ,

The whole world is my native land’

And realised we, the people, need a fresh start

From those who decree how our story is told,

Inked, printed, pressed, as all stories of old,

Repeated interminably, rehashed as the new,

Emperor’s apparel hailed as if true,

Till child, though small and dismissed as naïve,

Shouts, ‘Naked! Look! Visible! See and believe!’

Far bigger this picture, from nation to world,

I see a new flag, unveiled and unfurled.

Carried by people, the grassroots with aim,

Acting with courage, no longer the lame,

Beginning at home, as all we must try,

Passed one to another, a relay or die

At what passes for policy, legislation corrupt,

It’s the voice of the masses, disgusted, fed up.

Membership of these ‘riot clubs‘, however manifest,

Cannot serve the populace, how could they know what’s best

If blinded by self-interest and lost to cause and reason?

When held to account by Everyman, let no one say, ‘it’s treason’.

It’s the ripples in the waters from the stone that’s cast therein

That make the biggest differences in a world of sink or swim.

I want to be a ripple with the pebble I’ll soon cast,

A vote that makes a difference for a future built to last,

A willingness to face what’s wrong, to look with hope not gloom,

To be the change in stagnant ponds that will let our desert bloom.


25 thoughts on “The Ripple Club”

    1. We, in Scotland, have a referendum on Thursday 18th September to decide whether we want to be independent from the rest of the UK and manage all our own affairs as opposed to managing some and Westminster being in control of the majority. It’s a Yes or No vote splitting opinion and feelings.


      1. Who will be voting? Is it going to be the whole country or just the leaders? I didn’t know that Westminster controlled Scotland. Then again, I don’t much about politics in other countries.

        Is it okay to ask if your vote is Yes or No? If it’s too private, it’s okay not to answer that.


      2. I wasn’t able to check out the news yesterday but my officemate and I were talking last night after work and he said voting is going to be today (or maybe your tomorrow)…Well, good luck to the whole of Scotland. I hope whatever is the result will be the best for everyone in the long run.


  1. Such a time has the power to split friends and kin alike. I know what I would vote if I had a say, if a vote like this were to be put up by the state I live in.

    I loved reading along while you wrote. To my ears your accent is like listening to a song!

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