Life Changes

Many people have inspired me as I go through this journey of life. My mum and dad probably most of all. They taught me about justice and love. About forgiveness and mercy. And truth.

Since I’ve come to Worpress, I have found many here who continue to form my education and whose words and hearts inspire me still.

A few weeks ago I read two posts from two separate bloggers here. Their words touched me deeply and I wrote on it and saved it to draft.

I’ve been caught up in the political framework in my land. In discovering truths.

Lisa and Daniel formed these words in my mind. They come to you untouched from the first writing.

I’ve read today of mercy,

Divine and human.

Or is there only divine?

One taken, one returned

From the edge.

Both seeing what lies beyond.

Humility the mark of

Part of this journey,

Bowed to wonder

If yes,

If no,


I’ve read today of suffering,


Lambs caught up in life.

My wonder, my gladness,

That what was gained

Was worth it.

New life.

One way.

Or another.

As I continue my journey here in Scotland and in life I will continue to apply those values instilled in me from birth and developed further here. My blog will undergo a change.

I might as well tell you now as later.

I expect to become more involved in politics. I have been shut off from active engagement for many years, despising the lies and disillusioned by the representatives. Over the year here I have read and researched here and elsewhere and found that others feel the same. Right across the globe. Over the last number of months I have discovered facts about my own country that I was unaware of.  But many of us know them now. Just not enough did. I intend to rectify that as best I can.

I’m telling you this because I also know that many people don’t come to WP to read about politics. So feel free to unfollow. I thought to close my account here so that I can focus more on what is now of vital importance to me. And to the future I leave my children. One day, I too will know death as Lisa came close to, as Daniel shared in his post. When that happens, I want to meet the maker I believe in knowing that I did what I could to reveal truth, to see justice done, to bring understanding.

May God forgive the elected and the media. All of those complicit.

I include myself in this in not doing enough early enough. I have always rather shunned social media. But not any more.

England and the rest of the UK are about to get up in arms over the promises made to persuade the fearful and less well-informed, the aged who receive their information through more traditional means. Vows made will be broken or rehashed.  As the UK heads into shambles over the ‘Scottish mess’ (not my words) I intend to help clear it up.

The information is out there if you look and others share.

Scotland is not subsidised by the UK. We subsidise ourselves and then some.

Money talked. As it does right across the globe. We were never getting independence. They couldn’t afford to let us go. How hard do you fight to retain ‘subsidy junkies’? How hard do you fight for freedom if you know you can do it? But that’s not the message being preached in the English newspapers where feelings are now being roused among people who don’t know.

Facts don’t speak louder than opinion and spin unless they are heard.

On Friday evening thugs, carrying union jacks, converged on George Square, Glasgow. There was trouble. Facebook postings were pouring in, pictures and video footage of a very different sort of nationalism than had been seen worldwide only hours earlier. Nazi salutes and cries of ‘No Surrender’ where previously saltires were raised in celebration at Glasgow’s pro-indy vote.

The message was clear from this dark underbelly. Don’t mess with the status quo. We’re British. Now, I’m not suggesting that normal No voters were instrumental in this ugliness. Many people are condemning them. Some, however, are denying it happened. Despite evidence to the contrary.

Compare their reasons for riot with the fact that on 31st January, 1919, the ‘Riot Act’ was read for the last time in George’s Square in an attempt to quell workers seeking justice.

The facts are out there. The truth is out there. History has not yet been rewritten. Neither is it being learned.

I beseech the people of the UK and elsewhere to read. Read all you can. Arm yourselves with facts. With truth. Those are the only weapons  we want to make or house. I don’t want to see violence on the streets of any of the cities around this land. But incitement is taking place in the arguments now flowing. In the disparity of headlines in newspapers between Scotland and England.

I enjoy board games. Particularly chess and scrabble. I always have. I don’t even mind losing. As long as the rules are stuck to. Politics should not be a game where the rules change and the pawns are us. I’ve let politicians and others play with my life for too long. No one is playing games any more with me and mine.  I will fight, peacefully, for justice and love. I’ll pray for forgiveness and mercy in my heart while I do so. And I will speak the truth when I see it. Just like mum and dad taught me.

My apologies to Lisa and Daniel. I have rather stolen this post. But maybe you can see why. I am inspired. I am passionate about this.

The title of this post was the title I had given for the poem when I wrote it. It fits so I’m keeping it. Inspired by those who inspire me.


14 thoughts on “Life Changes”

  1. Oh Momus, I totally get it. Any change, whether it suits your/mine political views or not creates such ugliness, and the bigger the change, the worse the opposition. This country has been going through some of the same times as Scotland has, and will. This is not over for you, and unfortunately, some people are not peaceful, win or lose.
    I agree with you, I got very involved in politics between 2007-2010 or so, but right now I’m going through my own changes. I no longer want to spend my time watching nothing happen in washington. You do whatever you think is best, and write about whatever you like. I’ll still be here. Much love.

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  2. Go momus, if your heart is in it, let it lead you. But be warned…if the system drags you into its pit…it will consume you. First and foremost, remember your heart and let it be balanced by your truth within. YOU are more important than it.
    I send you my utmost wishes, love and blessings that the change can be made, for everyone’s sake. Namaste

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  3. When I was a younger fella, not that long ago 😉 I had the privilege of sitting in an literature class taught for one session at New Mexico State University, by Alex Haley, (author of Roots). Someone asked him during the Q&A what was the best compliment he could think of to give to a lady. His answer was, “I say dear lady you could have crossed the American Prairie in a covered wagon”.
    Anne Marie, “You could have crossed the American Prairie in a covered wagon”. May Hashem bless your endeavors for yourself, your family and for Scotland! Shalom, Daniel

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  4. Reblogged this on Underground Energy and commented:
    As Bob Marley said,”How long will they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?”
    There is nothing more gratifying in life than to hear the voice of one of your sisters speaking truth in love.
    Please take the time to read the words of a fellow peace warrior and please give her your support. All likes should go to the original post.
    Thank you, Scottishmomus. I am truly honored by your words.

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  5. A message I posted on your Facebook page.
    But, since you never talk to me anymore, I’m bound and determined to tell you when I think you are awesome!
    “I’ve been following this story since it became mainstream, mostly because of you and Shaun of course, but also because it is a truly historical event in a “democracy” that didn’t lead to bloodshed!
    I was blown away by the voter turn out. Hell, if we get over 20% turnout on any legislation in the US at any time I’d be looking for Jesus to show up.
    Be proud of that fact at least. I will be following you, as always, and hoping you don’t sink to the political level.
    I think shaping minds is more noble than changing minds.
    I love your spunk and admire your wit…..anyways, I hope I get a position as a speech writer in your first administration.”
    P.S I don’t speak Scottish


  6. I understand your words. I really wish I could get more physically active in my Country’s politics, especially for the children and veterans. I try to make a voice and keep up with things, but there is just so much I can handle in my physical condition.
    I applaud you and your desire for change. I will continue to follow as I eventually want to join the Scottish culture and be counted amongst you.

    Peace & Love


  7. Reblogged this on Mind Chatter and commented:
    A great friend is taking hold of her life, and the making the world a better place for her children. If you are Scottish, her blog will be a good place to keep pace with what is happening in the political environment in Scotalnd. If you are not Scottish, this blog still be a good place to read how one woman believes she can and will make a change for the betterment of the world.
    Peace & Love


  8. Anne-Marie, as always, you speak the truth. All the more reason I continue to give you my respect, my love and my prayers. I will continue to read, and support you in your own efforts to enlighten in love.


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