Just a very tiny cog in a very big wheel

As it spins and it spins on its axis,

Rotating, denoting what is truth what is false,

Woven with power raised in taxes

From the very tiny cogs, located at the hub,

Forgotten, though pivotal, components,

Grinding anew, as lubricant dissolves,

Fracturing framework, strong proponents

Of a different machine where each cog can now become

Part of a wider evolution,

Rolling down the road, in the ether, through the sphere,

A nuts and bolts reform of revolution.

Wheels of machine are hanging by a thread

Made of iron, corroding, cannot last.

Cogs now formed of steel have longevity, purpose new,

Collective memory of all the futures past.

12 thoughts on “Cogs”

      1. I’d have to have it unscrewed and hung on a spike before I’d run for parliament. But there’s more than one way to get involved! Several in the pipeline with heads all screwed together and hearts in the right places. Onwards and upwards. 🙂


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