And I can hear the rain outside my bedroom window,

Reminding me that Scotland’s here to stay,

In the cooling of the air from humid tension,

Promising archetypal Scottish day

When the showers, so oft bemoaned by many,

Including me, I own, but nevermore,

Wash away the dust, clearing vision,

Nourish hardy tribe from clans of yore.

From the thistle, as an emblem, to the backdrop

Of mountains fit for scaling, this I know,

In the culture of a people lies its mission,

Freedom’s in the heart, so freedom sow.

18 thoughts on “Evermore”

    1. I’ve never consciously been particularly nationalistic although I’ve always loved my country but there is a strange sort of defence mechanism switches on when a collective and concerted effort is made to dissmiss your nation and inhabitants as worthy or capable of self-determination. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. She and her peolpe are more in my heart than ever. I don’t think the powers that be counted on a further awakening.
      I hope you had a great time away, Jen. Some well-deserved r&r.xhugsx


  1. You’ve been on my heart the last week. In disappointment there comes either resignation or renewed strength and hope. It is obvious which path you travel. You are a light on a hill. Other lights will join in to make a glorious fire in the bellies of many Scottish souls.


    1. Thank you, Susan. So many people have been so supportive with well-wishes and thoughts and prayers. I knew the vote was bigger than a Scotland decision and that there was always the possibility that it would not carry for reasons other than purely Yes or No. Many have been deceived and the knowledge of that is stirring in those discovering it while others, like myself, had no doubts about the importance and implications in a wider context. Renewal and strength are burgeoning as we speak. Many lights on many hills, creating beacons that will light the way. An almighty hand has his finger on the pulse of what this all means, I believe. In my heart and mind I know this is global and justice and fairness are at stake. The time for silent acquiescence is over. Your continued prayers mean a great deal to me. Thank you.x


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