Fit for Purpose

There’s a church near where I live. I’ve been inside it.

A building fit for purpose, there’s no doubt.

But the majesty inherent in its structure

Is less evident within than without.

The inside has an empty sort of feeling,

Like the ghost of Christ passed through there long ago,

Visited the patrons for a moment,

Then left before his spirit chanced to show.


It strikes me as I look upon this structure,

It’s an edifice to god he doesn’t need,

Though wondrous in design, it seems so pointless,

If the wonder doesn’t stretch beyond to feed

The majesty and awe that does surround it,

Created by a hand beyond the man,

It feels like somewhere we have missed the message,

Built the tower but somehow not to plan.

21-5-14 055

10 thoughts on “Fit for Purpose”

    1. I do go! Just not to that one. 🙂 lol. It’s a lovely big building but hollow and kind of unfriendly in its emptiness.
      Coming out of the closet a bit more with the photo. 😉


  1. This is true of too many churches and it saddens God’s heart. The Church is us, the men and women who love God and follow Jesus with the help of God’s spirit – not those who hide behind walls on Sunday.


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