Lid Flickers

I close my eyes easily…

A drift of my lids to all dreams…

No slumber, mere silent communion, where

Nothing appears as it seems…

Where ease is no burden, no offering

To idleness, no easy aspire,

No guarantee of all happiness

But freedom to seek out desire…

No moments of misery for any,

For one, not even a few,

Not licence but liberty needed

To seek, to fulfil what is due…

From purpose for lonely existence,

Entrenching the cause of a soul,

Harnessed to physics and chemistry,

Released on completion of goal…

I close my eyes easily…


All of life but a dream,


One moment’s causation,

Light flickered…gone…never seen…


6 thoughts on “Lid Flickers”

  1. So if I close my eyes, walk into a bank and rob it, then walk out and open them again…it never happened? 🙂 Probably miss the exit and walk into the toilet 🙂
    Sorry momus, I was being frivolous. Great poem, and the lid flickers have great purpose in this dream we’re in. They keep this dream alive and teach us many things. Namaste

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    1. Never apologise for making me laugh. I had a giggle at the mental image of your hapless robbery. Was it the ladies’ or gents’ you walked into? I need to know these things! 🙂 I never ate the chocolates earlier and I did do all that housework I’d thought of doing…I think. I could enjoy this. An alternative reality presenting itself here before my eyes – open. 😉


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