45+ Hearts Afire

Dig them up

And dust them down,

The relics,

Hearts exhumed

From passion,

Buried deep.

Guard them well,

Protect them,

Arms surrounded,

Stolen once,


Ours birthed to keep

Flame still burning,


Burning brighter,

Hearts afire,


Growth anew,

Buried not,

No fear,

We’re here,

We’re stronger,



Holding true.



8 thoughts on “45+ Hearts Afire”

    1. It’s tremendous what is continuing to grow. It’s like something has been released in people and we don’t want it to go away. The general election in a few months should make for interesting results in Scotland. 😉

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  1. Oh yeah, it has begun something…a truth is beginning to emerge. They don’t realise it yet but they have stirred the heart, and a truth will not be held, for its people, their culture or their land 🙂


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