Search For Key

I know you struggle with communication,

You search for words and actions to convey

All you feel and think, all that is within you,

Everything you find no way to say.

I know I struggle too with this same problem

Despite the fact that words come all too easily,

Sometimes it’s not the words that are the problem

But knowing which ones tell the truths for me.

I know we cannot always speak or reach out,

Locked inside ourselves as we all are,

Begging for a greater wordsmith’s charter

To reveal the core that reunites the stars.

I know affliction of this kind is legend,

Tracks volumes written of all history,

Permeates the core of all our suffering,

Lack of understanding, search for key.

4 thoughts on “Search For Key”

  1. I really liked this piece Anne Marie, a lot of words spoke to me but may be none greater than the line, “But knowing which ones tell the truths for me.”. As usual thanks much.


    1. Thank you, Daniel. I’m always pleased when something jumps out at you when reading.One word, one line, sometimes that’s all it takes for something to ring with me. And for you too it seems. It makes me happy to know something resonates. Thank you once again.


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