By Actions Known

Pleasantries cannot convey a meaning,

Nor gossip give a truth to unknown scene, but

Words spoken, in a casual conversation,

May reveal the answers, yet ungleaned.

Foreign posturings from pulpit powder heartbeats,

Crumble surfaces where depths are scarce,

Haloed halls and floors with no communion

Question qualities too oft found rare.

Florid fools, in anger, gesture wildly,

Bitterness and vengeance may be cause,

Angelic chambers, enter they, unfearing,

Despite the fact we’re cautioned, there, to pause.

Until the truth reveals all that’s unanswered,

Innocence, not guilt, must be presumed,

By actions, and in time, we’ll know whose hearts are purer,

Accusers or the one who is now annexed, grief consumed.

We know by words plus actions where a heart lives,

We know by shock and awe supporting reason,

We know by trust, intrinsic estimation

That we know a soul, a man born for all seasons.


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