lay your head on love, the pillow

that gives meaning,

though it scares your soul to trust implicitly,

fearing hurts, rejections,

causing scarrings.

it’s only life unfolding as we breathe.


lay your trust in love,

though sometimes it’s unfounded,

misplaced, born to die the fearful death.

options, all alone,

mistrust surrounding,

steal the life, the essence of each breath.


lay your heart full wide,

be open to the answers

that love and trust combined can only give.

nothing close comes near to all it offers,

nothing more fulfils life,

nor lets us know we live.


lay your heart and soul in self,

and listen to the whispers,

coursing through your blood, urging yes.

yes to life, to love,

to trust, to meaning,

yes to all these gifts with which we’re blest.



17 thoughts on “Lay”

  1. Eerie. I read this poem (which, by the way, is lovely) aloud before listening to you on Soundcloud, and our pace, tone and delivery were pretty much identical. Sadly, I can’t boast your lilting accent! Fabulous writing.

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    1. That was me trying for no accent! 😉 I generally read all poems aloud to get a feel for the tempo and pacing, imagining how it would be spoken. Maybe you’re the same. I’m sure your voice would lend itself to your poetry. It’s strange how we don’t necessarily like our own (non-existent) accent but others here have been kind enough to compliment mine and encourage readings. Thank you for reading and listening and for your lovely compliment, Chris.


      1. Like you, I do prefer to read poetry out loud – it does seem to give it more life. As for accents, a mildish Black Country doesn’t quite seem to have the same tonal qualities as yours (I’m guessing at Western Scottish), but you’re quite correct, we do tend not to favour our own.
        I shall look forward to your next reading.


      2. I could go for a broad Glaswegian accent but I figure that would miss the purpose of communication. 😉 I pretty much love all accents (not fond of the ‘marbles in the mooth’ one!) and enjoy listening to people speak. I’m sure I’d enjoy any reading you cared to do. 🙂

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  2. My old computer would not pick up the videos or voice recordings and for the first time I listened to one of your poems. How lovely! I love your voice, it is exactly as I imagined it would sound. Beautiful poem, but even more poignant in hearing you read it. Thank you. DAF

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