Way Too Familiar

There’s a pussy-cat hiding in my pants drawer!

I’m not kidding! He’s climbed in there again.

There are baskets sliding in my wardrobe

And for reasons, yet unknown, he’s drawn to them.

I don’t do cats but daughter has this kitten,

It’s everywhere I go, it follows me.

I wake and it’s staring at my person

Like we have some strange affinity – a chemistry.

I don’t! I swear. I’ve never had familiar, if witch I am

I’d pick a tiger striped or  panther black,

They’d never fit inside my baskets or my wardrobe

Nor cling on there so stubbornly at the back.

Don’t say it! The joke’s already made here,

By daughter, husband, while at cat I rant,

‘There’s nothing worse than finding, on exploring,

A strange pussy hiding in your silken pants.’


My family are disgusting!



I lay abed, lazy, this morning,

My 7 year-old wrapped in my arms,

Answering myriad questions,

Curiosity, (her default position!),

Just one of her many sweet charms.

Questions and reasons for answers

Leading to topics anew,

Pride in her thoughtful responses, humour

At so young, so much known, so true.

I lay abed, glad of the chances

To inform inquisitive mind,

Not surprised in the least but delighted

Her queries help me to open and find

Fresh ways of seeing the present,

The past, the memories we’ve shared,

Future unfolding before us, my fruit,

My treasures not spared

In giving, receiving, in loving,

She warms right through to my core,

My youngest, my sweet little Anna,

One of seven I truly adore.

Heart Sigh

Someone caught the sigh and sent it homewards,

Breath returned to dream from whence it came,

Lent on wings one night for all eternal,

Breath refreshed in calling of one name.

‘Lover’, spoke the wind that carried heart sigh, 

‘Whither thou go, angels feather first,

I will murmur softly, in their passing,

Reminding life, a sigh may mean rebirth.’