I lay abed, lazy, this morning,

My 7 year-old wrapped in my arms,

Answering myriad questions,

Curiosity, (her default position!),

Just one of her many sweet charms.

Questions and reasons for answers

Leading to topics anew,

Pride in her thoughtful responses, humour

At so young, so much known, so true.

I lay abed, glad of the chances

To inform inquisitive mind,

Not surprised in the least but delighted

Her queries help me to open and find

Fresh ways of seeing the present,

The past, the memories we’ve shared,

Future unfolding before us, my fruit,

My treasures not spared

In giving, receiving, in loving,

She warms right through to my core,

My youngest, my sweet little Anna,

One of seven I truly adore.


8 thoughts on “Anna”

    1. No, you’re right they don’t. I’m always surprised by the occasions my kids remember as special when they didn’t seem to be at the time. Hot chocolate in their jammies round a brazier in the garden on an Autumn night; ghost stories round a camp fire in a Highland forest; making up songs and dances for the aunts and uncles. When they tell me these things they don’t necessarily match my own remembrances of special times. I guess for them, fun is the key element. That and feeling wrapped in love. Shit, gonna cry now. 😉

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    1. And I. Day and daily. However, I have been led to believe that I am not without influence in theirs. Albeit, sometimes, acknowledged with amazement on tbeir part. Great stuff, still surprising our off spring, eh? They astound me in their aptitude. Ain’t kids grand! ( So are we by the way!)


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