Heart Sigh

Someone caught the sigh and sent it homewards,

Breath returned to dream from whence it came,

Lent on wings one night for all eternal,

Breath refreshed in calling of one name.

‘Lover’, spoke the wind that carried heart sigh, 

‘Whither thou go, angels feather first,

I will murmur softly, in their passing,

Reminding life, a sigh may mean rebirth.’


20 thoughts on “Heart Sigh”

      1. I dream constantly. Sometimes I’m even sleeping. 😉 I daydream at will. Such lands to explore there. Sleep helps but isn’t always necessary. 🙂 I have to force reality sometimes. Maybe that says too much about me rather than my sleeping patterns. 😉 x

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      2. I can do that when I’m awake, in fact it’s all like that…no TV, no other people 6 days each week allows for a lot of free thinking. So I guess that’s my equilavent!x


      3. We must be quite alike. I zone out and go inside to escape, at times, from so many people here and dislike TV although it’s rarely off in some rooms. Sensory overload is anathema to me so after a class full of kids five days out of seven and my own squad here day and daily, daydreaming/meditation has become something of an art form. God bless the capacity we have to find those quiet places for reflection and dreams.x

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