Way Too Familiar

There’s a pussy-cat hiding in my pants drawer!

I’m not kidding! He’s climbed in there again.

There are baskets sliding in my wardrobe

And for reasons, yet unknown, he’s drawn to them.

I don’t do cats but daughter has this kitten,

It’s everywhere I go, it follows me.

I wake and it’s staring at my person

Like we have some strange affinity – a chemistry.

I don’t! I swear. I’ve never had familiar, if witch I am

I’d pick a tiger striped or  panther black,

They’d never fit inside my baskets or my wardrobe

Nor cling on there so stubbornly at the back.

Don’t say it! The joke’s already made here,

By daughter, husband, while at cat I rant,

‘There’s nothing worse than finding, on exploring,

A strange pussy hiding in your silken pants.’


My family are disgusting!

24 thoughts on “Way Too Familiar”

    1. As long as it’s not in my knicker drawer! Honest to god, I’m tripping over him everywhere. Him and the bloody dug! But I quite like dogs. Daughter’s getting a flat again, she says, so I’ll be minus one marauder soon. Well two, if I count one of the ones who rakes my stuff as their own! Weans and pets. Sheesh! 😉

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  1. Oh this brought a smile to face :)). I’d written a poem about ‘chasing smiles’ and I think this is one more example that I can happily add on to it! 😉


    1. I knew you had a sense of humour. Man of the people, child of the earth. Italian, by name. Human, by birthright. Your clan must be like mine. Mortifying by degrees, buckling knees, bending funny bones into strange contortions. And making me remember why I love. And laugh.
      Do you want a cat? Or dog, by any chance? 😉 x

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  2. It senses your hesitance and trying to gently show you its love. Yes, from behind everything. Lets you know its there but from a distance. Just remember to not panic when you start ‘shedding fur’, it’s not yours 🙂


      1. Both 🙂 They are there for your next journey. Even though they may feel to be ‘under foot’ so to speak, you would be surprised at the strength of the connection…have fun…and watch the urge to point fingers (or objects) at someone and curse 🙂 Be thankful the stake has been removed at this time 🙂 Your power is increasing!


      2. You have no idea of the power of your words here! This was meant to be a funny poem. 😉 And here I am delving into my own psyche with key words pointing the way. What a man you are! 🙂 x


      3. I can’t say it feels like that at the moment. More like a trudge through a fast-flowing river – me going the wrong way! But I’m a fairly strong swimmer and I always keep arm bands handy. You’re a source of strength, Mark.x


      4. I thank you from the depth of my heart. Hang in there momus, the major part of this shift has done its stuff, just have to clean up the mess. Mind you, this clearing has purpose. It opens a new path, a new meaning in your life to be closer to what you are within.
        Cuddle the cat…it may tell you a secret 🙂


      5. I petted it last night after it followed me yet again and prowled round my room to rest eventually on my bed. I might need to put my ear closer there. You never know. 😉


  3. Ok, here is my explanation: the cat is a reincarnated person who loved you dearly, or who didn’t trust you, thus the constant watching. So, what it is, loved or untrusted? I already love your family because I would have been right there with them making the vulgar jokes. Yupper! Me, always dogs, but cats are still creatures of the earth, so I must take care and love them too. Horses, though, they are the answer to everything: cleaning after them (exercise), riding (freedom and simple trust between you and the horse), grooming (beauty revealed), and just hanging with them (simple honest love).


    1. Ok, I don’t believe in reincanation as such (except in stories, then I believe everything!) so I think he’s trying to ingratiate himself with me in the hope that I’ll stop cursing him for constantly getting under my feet. They’re just funny craiters I don’t understand. But I do feed him even while I’m cursing him. And the dog seems to have taken to him as well. I’d rather have a horse too, mind you. 🙂

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