Burnt Offerings

They took the lies and mixed it with a dosing

Of verbiage, badinage and dirt,

Boiled it up then simmered, prepping table

For a serving of the meal that shouldn’t hurt.

They burnt the pot while raiding through the cupboards,

Contents spoiled, carbon charred by fuel,

Still served it up with flourish, sleight of handling,

Scurried back to scullery, laughed at fools.

Dining on the premise of the promise

Of banquet advertised with cabaret,

Falsehoods, tongue-in-cheek, a token lie then,

Distorted to confuse and cause delay.

Beware the cooks who curry for your favour,

Who season dishes to the taste desired,

Appetising, tempting in description,

Swallowed whole, patrons’ promises expired.

Fire in belly, gurgling with the poison,

Antidotes are found, administered,

Never more believed, proofed in the pudding,

Sweetened bitterness of empty words.