Delving Not Drowning

In waters’ deepest currents,

Hid beneath a surface clear,

Are the torrid and torrential

Of the flowing waters here,

Dragging from the depths

To drown the unaware,

Casting one about,

Denying footholds under where

Leviathans of old abound,

Marauding loch and shore,

Scaring, with mythology,

Dreams of evermore,

Teasing at the temples

As they grab swimmer by the hair,

Deeper into darkened gloom,

Dropping to their lair,

Where, stranger yet, there’s luminous

In depths of fresher air,

Crystallized in cavern

Where the monsters seek to share

The story of their history

And why they roam for fare,

Forcing faces, upright,

To delve below and bare,

Naked, as a birthright,

No need for outer wear,

Resuming early story

If we but chance to dare,

In harshest light not sprinkled on

The surface where the glare

Hurts the eyes, the innermost

Turns from solar flares,

Where brightness blinds, unseeing,

We choose to dive to scare

The limits of ourselves

And the depths we need to pare.

In caverns deep, fluorescent light,

Guarded by sea mares,

Illumines all the corners

And ride us from despair.

Not drowning, no, just delving

Arms raised to the air,

Going under one more time,

With self to give and spare.




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