Carpe Diem + Hope Over Fear

Yesterday I wrote a post about some of the people who head up the UK political scene.

I thought I’d give you their faces.


leaders (source

Left to right:_

George aka Ed Milliband – ‘leader’ of the Labour Party aka Red Tories aka Bastards aka in their death throes

Sally/Paul aka Nick Clegg – ‘leader’ of the Liberal Democratic Party aka Lib Dems aka spineless aka arse lickers aka haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell

Henry aka David Cameron – ‘ leader’ of the Conservative Party aka the Tories aka dead to us for years aka hooray as in Hooray Henry,  yah! aka we are the Bullingdon Boys

Here we have Ali aka Nigel Farage – ‘leader’ of UKIP rarely known as the United Kingdom Independence Party aka what a wanker aka dangerous

Nigel Farage (source

Here we have Eck aka Alex Salmond former leader of the SNP aka the Scottish Nationalist Party who stepped down after the Scottish Referendum to make way for his depute Nicola Sturgeon aka the First Minister of the Scottish Parliament aka, jointly, as guts and courage and heart.


Ach, I’m fed up with the leaders’ pictures.

Let me show you the real face of the Yes in Scottish Politics.

The people party aka us aka let’s have a party! aka hope over fear


(song by Gerry Cinnamon FB link. Note. NOT before the referendum. Last Sunday 12th October. Not finished by a long shot!)

I'm still yes image scottishmomus aka Anne-Marie Hurley aka mother, daughter, sister, wife, woman who loves life. Seizing the day!  Standing to be counted. Hope Over Fear! For all.


Blips, You See

It’s just a blip you observe on the radar screen of life,

Blinking near, though far off, can be gauged,

Alerting with sound – a beep – nothing more,

Present but not central to the stage.

The battle is raged from a distance, you see,

No one’s hurt for no one sees the war,

Just a signal  or two between two or a few,

Pulsating but not revealing more.

It’s a secret, you see, though poorly concealed,

It’s written in the stars and in the clouds,

It’s written on the walls, messages revealed,

Interpreted by dreamers who’re allowed

To read what is there, discerning of eye,

Of their hearts and what’s etched upon their souls,

Magnifying bleeps, words and symbols so seen,

Directing them further towads their goals.

It’s the goals, can’t you see, that present so much strife,

Distorted in hist’ry and by lies,

Content unremembered, misinterpreted for aim,

Truth garnered only by the willing spies

And some who recall the way it once was

And some who believe how it should be,

It’s just a blip, can’t you see, in the passage of our time,

A different timepiece, ticking history.


Hush, can you hear the angels’ wings

in the breath of the air

mid the rain?

Quiet now, listen,

between drops as they fall,

a faint beat at my window pane.

A rustle, some drips,

a glimpse of wing white,

a stilled breeze through the shutters ajar,

they’ve paused for a moment,

my heart to explore

before journeying onwards afar.

Shush, I can hear them,

they’ve  halted too long,

this never has happened before.

Communion’s occurring,

I feel in their minds, weighing me up

but yet more.

Searching my soul,  

from the sills where they stand,

outside in the palest moonlight,

reading me well,

compassion descending,

a gift in the small hours of lost night.

Flutters I heard

as the peace came upon,

a stirring of feathers and gone,

their misson to mingle,

leave a token of white,

to all lonely, before moving on.