Blips, You See

It’s just a blip you observe on the radar screen of life,

Blinking near, though far off, can be gauged,

Alerting with sound – a beep – nothing more,

Present but not central to the stage.

The battle is raged from a distance, you see,

No one’s hurt for no one sees the war,

Just a signal  or two between two or a few,

Pulsating but not revealing more.

It’s a secret, you see, though poorly concealed,

It’s written in the stars and in the clouds,

It’s written on the walls, messages revealed,

Interpreted by dreamers who’re allowed

To read what is there, discerning of eye,

Of their hearts and what’s etched upon their souls,

Magnifying bleeps, words and symbols so seen,

Directing them further towads their goals.

It’s the goals, can’t you see, that present so much strife,

Distorted in hist’ry and by lies,

Content unremembered, misinterpreted for aim,

Truth garnered only by the willing spies

And some who recall the way it once was

And some who believe how it should be,

It’s just a blip, can’t you see, in the passage of our time,

A different timepiece, ticking history.

20 thoughts on “Blips, You See”

  1. I like that expression– Blips on the radar. makes it so I don’t have to think of anything else to say, or be more specific. You’re poetry has come so much more alive for me since your vlog– I think I might do one too, although it might be different for my posts… Hmmmm….


    1. Oh, do! I love listening to readings. It does give me a better visual and help me realise how something was intended to be said. I’ll look forward to that. Plenty of cursing now! 😉


      1. I’m currently trying to figure out how to reinsert videos I’d accidentally deleted. And I can’t remember how I did it before. ‘Cos sod all is working now with the links!

        I started by doing a webcam video (till I discovered Soundcloud – free app/space) then realised I had to post the video somewhere to get a URL for it. Posted it to FB then realised that I couldn’t insert from there because it wasn’t a community page (so I had to create one of those). Did that, posted, linked and presto.
        But now I’ve feckin’ forgotten how to do it! What code to use. I really need to write this stuff down. 😉


      2. If I figure it out before you I promise I’ll write it down and send you an email. If you get there before me you can tell me. Memory’s a bugger at times. 🙂


    1. You’re right in that we all are just blips and we do have to live and let live to a great extent. We’re here for such a short time. But while we are I think it’s our responsibility to ourselves and to our children and all those who will follow to do the best we can, often in the simplest of ways, to make a difference. Perhaps what is overly important to me at these times is what is done in our names and what is evident in the world of power, that we blips are too readily dispensable and undeserving of consideration. I don’t believe that. We’re all important. And so I rant on. 😉
      Thanks, Chris, for your insights. It’s good of you to give feedback and make me think some more. I value it.x


      1. And I agree completely – it is our responsibility to at least try to lay the foundations for a better world for our children. All we have to do know is educate those in positions of power (ha!).


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