Carpe Diem + Hope Over Fear

Yesterday I wrote a post about some of the people who head up the UK political scene.

I thought I’d give you their faces.


leaders (source

Left to right:_

George aka Ed Milliband – ‘leader’ of the Labour Party aka Red Tories aka Bastards aka in their death throes

Sally/Paul aka Nick Clegg – ‘leader’ of the Liberal Democratic Party aka Lib Dems aka spineless aka arse lickers aka haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell

Henry aka David Cameron – ‘ leader’ of the Conservative Party aka the Tories aka dead to us for years aka hooray as in Hooray Henry,  yah! aka we are the Bullingdon Boys

Here we have Ali aka Nigel Farage – ‘leader’ of UKIP rarely known as the United Kingdom Independence Party aka what a wanker aka dangerous

Nigel Farage (source

Here we have Eck aka Alex Salmond former leader of the SNP aka the Scottish Nationalist Party who stepped down after the Scottish Referendum to make way for his depute Nicola Sturgeon aka the First Minister of the Scottish Parliament aka, jointly, as guts and courage and heart.


Ach, I’m fed up with the leaders’ pictures.

Let me show you the real face of the Yes in Scottish Politics.

The people party aka us aka let’s have a party! aka hope over fear


(song by Gerry Cinnamon FB link. Note. NOT before the referendum. Last Sunday 12th October. Not finished by a long shot!)

I'm still yes image scottishmomus aka Anne-Marie Hurley aka mother, daughter, sister, wife, woman who loves life. Seizing the day!  Standing to be counted. Hope Over Fear! For all.

4 thoughts on “Carpe Diem + Hope Over Fear”

  1. Go momus…the more people who speak from their hearts the more they must listen…or go the way of the Do Do. It has reached a point where everyone is so disgusted with the lying, thievery and manipulation that it is time for someone to come through who DOES have the peoples hearts on their sleeves and make the difference.
    As long as its not a wolf in sheep’s clothing…beware the silver tongue.
    So momus…what is this new ‘party’ going to be called? The clan that just represents everyone…’Clan Scotland’? 🙂


    1. You’re no’ listenin’ tae me man! I’m standing up to be counted! No’ standing for parliament. Do you think I’m daft?! Active but as part of not out in front of! 😉
      And, funnily enough, I was just writing recently about the fact that, yes, we are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Lambs till crossed then the wolf howls. Howwwwl! Pack, I suppose, as well as clan. Sheep are overrated. 😉 x


      1. Yes, I think walking into the den would be the act of a madman. But locally that is a different matter. Create a more grass roots approach, get people involved in their own future closer to home. If that can catch on everywhere, then the change can be made 🙂


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