Crises contradictions cover cosmos –

Collapsing chaos, conspiracies, calamity,

Crap conveyed, covert conversations,

Compromise core of clarity.


Colonial corridors contribute currency,

Cash cow, covens cook, collective control,

Corporations closing competition,

Cathartic calm in communities console.


Compensating callous with a candle,

Camouflaging cancer in the capitals,

Cagey captivations cling and capture

In cartooned currents cascading in canals.


Carnival of clowns caught in cameo by a camera,

Castaways from chromosomes and character,

Claustrophobic caverns compared to cloudbursts

Cleansing congregation, conductor.


Collective consciousness, a current clatter,

Claws and clauses, concurent, cannot conform,

Cantilevered columns of confession,

Cabled communication calls candela, no chlorform.


Collapsed, capitulating to all converse customs,

Community connived or carried crutch’d,

Chaotic as a compromise for communion,

Conceals covalent chemistry communes clutch.


Concrete ‘C’ cannot console in cities,

In citadels, but cynics and all citizens can.

Cyclones, centrifugal centres, certainties ceded,

Collapse ceilings, clear out cesspits, cite civic caravan.



23 thoughts on “‘C’”

  1. Very good momus. That’s hard to do (for me anyway). HOW did you get all the above together? 🙂

    ‘Corrupted cacophany carolled by candlelight in a cathouse of castrated caresses and covered causes’…mmm, sounds like I’m in the politicians mealroom 🙂


      1. Oh no, I did know what I was saying. Or trying to. 😉 I just thought it was a bit of a tongue-twister in the end. Folk would’ve needed their fixodent on to keep their teeth in. 😉


      2. On it. 🙂 I’m more than a little uncomfortable at what’s unfolding down your neck of the woods. Troubling days ahead, I fear. The whole of the UK is in my prayers.


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