Hades On Horseback

What cloven horsemen ride upon the wind here,

Striking hooves on sharpened edge of waves,

Hunched and headlong, shrouded cloaks protecting,

Eyemasks glinting red? No fortune saves

Any in their path, though flight above us,

The heels of jeopardy are felt below,

Riding willfully to depths of nowhere,

Pistols drawn and daggers tucked to show

No enemy that’s found within their flightpath

Or foe espied, from fathoms far above,

Have hope or faith, outrunning is no option,

Bow’d their heads, and ours as sacrificial dove.

What earthly gate or hellish palace hides them

In daylight hours, these princes of the dark?

Where upon the shores of any peoples

Do black knights harbour steeds and stable mark?

Who betrays location as they search here,

Plots the points upon the charted graph?

Who drowns gladly in the tidal wave of hoofbeats

Pounding on while evil horsemen laugh?

Are any there who hear the fairground laughter,

The cackle of the master turning wheels

As rainbow-coloured equines carry minions,

The hounds of hell on horseback as night squeals?



17 thoughts on “Hades On Horseback”

    1. Ach, don’t fret. I’m watching Robin Hood here and it’s raining out so dot, dot, dot and this is what you get! Although the wind is definitely getting up a bit and I can hear something…sort of cakling…or maybe it’s just that auld witch in the movie!


  1. Definitely the stuff for a cold winters night, wind howling round the house and a horror movie on…. I’ll remember this then!
    Great poem, hot and sunny here, I’m safe a wee while 😊


    1. You? You! You jest, wummin. You’re feart of nothing …except, ok maybe this. I scared myself, so we’re all good. Don’t you just hate being a wuss? I mean me. 😉


      1. Lol, don’t you remember scaring me shitless after we went to the cinema to see Carrie a hundred years ago?!!! xx


      2. Me?! I remember running through Meek Lane while we held hands and left a trail of shit behind us! Was that the same night? I cannae think for the mental image of a soily hand reaching out tae get me. I wouldn’t have done that. Surely?! x


      3. You left your scaring of me until the next day, came at me quietly and shouted ‘Carrie’s hand….!’ – xx


      4. That was the best I could come up with?! I’m so disappointed in myself. No wonder I’ve obliterated that memory. How old were we, 14, or something? The Classic, if I remember? Dirty raincoat brigade flicks. Mum must have been pretty liberal when I think about it. Or maybe we never let on. 😉


      5. I was 15 and you would have been 16 or 17 and it was 18 certificate- it was The Classic and yep, dirty raincoat brigade were out in force! Lol, mum didn’t have a clue! xx


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