Motivation II

Why do I gotta do homework,

Why do I gotta do chores,

Why do I gotta do what you ask,

Why do I gotta? I’m bored.

Voice of children all ask this,

But, owning up here, it’s me!

Why do I gotta do stuff that is pressing?

I’d rather be writing for free!

Stew’s bubbling away as I write this,

Tatties all peeled for the pot,

Uniforms ready to start back,

Doing stuff I’d rather not.

It’s terrible, this strange obsession

That has me right by the throat,

Throttling desire from everything else,

Pulling priorities apart.

Sod it! The tatties are pending,

Rumblings are heard all around,

Dinner is just one more distraction

From computer keys I’d rather pound.

It’s really too bad this fixation,

Doesn’t pay any bills,

I’d be working at what needs no encouragement, though

The fridge would be empty – they’d kill!

I’m really a part of the problem,

Well maybe the whole of it – they’re vexed –

Nought can compare to the feelings I get

While writing – well, maybe, sex!

But I can’t do that when I’m cooking,

Certainly not when the kids are around,

So writing it is – it’s orgasmic

And I don’t even make a sound.

So, yeah, I gotta make dinners,

I gotta get chores all done,

Gotta to do homework but then, oh boy,

I’m gonna have me some fun.

I mean writing.

Get your heads outta the gutter!

Tatties are boiled. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Motivation II”

      1. Tomorrow will be fine. Or some day soon. Before it goes out of date, preferably. Toast is good. Eggs, they’re easy. Crisps, so many flavours. And I’ve just had a packet of chocolate toffees. I’m calling them dessert. 🙂


      2. Maybe we’ll call the old cupcakes in the fridge dinner, and forget dessert. And maybe I’ll just go into the bedroom and hope nobody bothers me for a while (since I let them have cupcakes for dinner) so I can work for free on the blog.


      3. I made dinner so I damn well am in my bedroom now…..and now that I’m here I just want to sleep! I need to get a housekeeper. I think that’s the answer. I’ll ponder that one while I snooze. 🙂


      4. I’ve had the sugar rush, just waiting for someone to put me to bed. Sunday’s can be a killer. Let’s give in until tomorrow and start again. We can even buy fresh cupcakes for tea. I’m not making them after a school shift. No way.


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