Paint your portrait,

Canvas stretched,

Framed, by other words,

Splash with colour,

Light will find

Art and truth in daubs.

Capture soul,

With candid shots,

Exposed by camera shot,


Whatever means,

How all change is wrought.

Speak the words,

Listen too,

In lines we read between,

Doubts and questions,

Head held to side,

Squint before the screens.

Not all pictures

Breathe fine art,

Not all media true,


Opinion polls,

Up to me and you.



4 thoughts on “Exposure”

  1. Problem is we all have slightly differing interpretations of situations and, as one gets older, experience teaches us to trust less and adopt the cynical view, ergo change falters. If only hearts were worn on sleeves, and meanings were clearer.
    A thoughtful and powerful poem.


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