Hidden Truth

Such very beautiful words. An understanding of truth I need to learn.

Experimental Fiction

An ocean in a billion drops
It drenches as it falls,
Between each drop a truth is seen
Enough to shatter walls,
And if you listen close enough
It speaks to one and all.

A blanket made of honeyed light
It covers hills and dales,
It’s seen amongst the faded trees
And dancing in the vales,
And if you look with open eye
You’ll see the truth it hails.

A wind to chill and fill the eaves
It sets the leaves to dance,
The patterns formed in branches sway
Are worth a lingered glance,
And with each gust amongst the clouds
The truth with take the chance.

A universe of glowing stars
Such distances between,
The multitude of planets cold
That never may be seen,
Still hold a place for such a truth
As sun’s perpetual gleam.

Each person has this truth defined
Within their heart and soul,
And all…

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