Do you bend under pressure or strengthen

As steel that’s forged in the fire,

Alloyed, allied to greater intention,

Striving, with faith, to aspire?

Do you buckle and break like softest of metal,

Non-resistance a foregone conclusion,

Or gather the girders supporting your mettle,

Fight on, to the end, for solution?

Have the fires of the furnace burnt out your heart,

Ceding the will to go on,

Or has tempered exposure, given will to impart,

Galvanised, proofed, made you strong?

Many there are who burn wth the flame,

Alight in their soul and their eyes,

Growing in number, growing in name,

Swelling to quell all the lies.

Many there are in smelters worldwide,

Sweating and toiling for truth,

Raising young blood to embrace every side,

Teaching tough peace to our youth.

Are you standing with armour of love in your soul,

Battling with right on your arm,

Wielding the sword of justice for all,

Ready at klaxon’s alarm?

Our shift’s almost over, done for the day,

An army awaits at the gate,

Legions of light who fight for fair play,

Vanquishing greed, poverty, hate.

Apprentices needed in yards by the Clyde,

In offices, in factories, in arts,

Tradesmen and women standing firm side by side,

Trained to know and to start

A war of attrition that smothers the power,

Extinguishes those who digress

From bringing the seconds of minutes to the hour,

Languishing in workers’ largesse.

If metal there is that runs in your blood,

Mercurial, when driven mad,

Strengthen its core, let thermostat soar,

Fired pressure, a cause to be glad.

It’s the strength of the ore that lies in the earth,

The power at Nature’s behest,

It’s Gaia calling a time of rebirth,

Listen well, Mother knows best.






33 thoughts on “Pressure”

    1. Thanks, Mark. Brought on by a comment I was answering in an earlier post. (So, if you’re reading, Naptimetoughts, see what you did. 🙂 Thanks.)
      Inspration arises everywhere. It’s almost doing my head in!
      Now, I can sleep. I think. If I can just get this bloody pen out of my hand. 😉


      1. lol. Yoooouuuurrr miiiiiiinnnnnddd iiisss nooooooowww blaaaaaannnnnkkkk. Yoooouuuu aaarrreeee sleeeeeeeeeepy, Yoooouuuuurrrr eyyyyyyeeeeeeesss aaaaaarrreee geeeeeettttttiiiinnng heeeeeeaaaaaavvvvvyyy 😀


      2. Didnae work! But at least I’ve got one eye closed now. Poked it with my pen!lol! (I didnae. Just teasing.) Now, I lay me down to…maybe one more wee paragraph. Feck! I’m demented! Big hugs, ya eejit. 🙂 Trying to hypnotise me through t’internet! Like that’d work……zzzzzz


      3. I’d like to see you try! Many have. I visit their graves intermittently. 😉
        I’m definitely going now. Definitely. But I’ll just wake at four o’clock and start again. Seems a shame to …ok, I’m doing it. Winding….down….n…o….w.x

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    1. I hope so. Thanks, Brenda. 🙂 How’s life? (One quesion, for goodness’ sake, Mark!)
      I’m getting a row, Brenda, for not being sleeping at yon time o’clock. From Australia, I ask you. 🙂
      I hope you’re making good progress with your book.x


  1. I like the way that this poem works on multiple levels. The political nature of this is clear, but I also love how it tugs on the social consciousness, ecologically speaking. An inspiring read!


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