Crossing Over

Algae-slimed posts, truncated beams,

one traveller leans,

crossing over,

bridging intangibles,

but for the touch, ooze, an ailing expulsion,

ubiquitous phlegm pitched below to briny lost.

Arched for load till coruscation breaks need.

I’ve wanted to have a bash at one of these for a while, a Wordle, as outlined at

The words offered in this one really appealed.

8 thoughts on “Crossing Over”

      1. Ah, there is light in this too. But I’ll be buggered if I know what it is! 🙂
        I do know I don’t believe in coincidence so you keep that camera handy and I’ll meditate my one liners. 😉 They’ll coincide when the moment is right. Feck, I feel like a guru! 🙂


      1. I hope you will you are a natural! It took me a long time to try Wordles as well and when I first started I wasn’t successful. Now I find they inspire me, so even if I have a major block prior, the wordle unblocks my creative energies because I already have a start, something to work with and the start is the hard part. They are also fun to make


      2. I’m rarely stuck for words! Can’t keep my gob shut! 😉
        I know what you mean though. I usually go with a word or two or an idea that pops into my head. But having the words presented to you makes for a different sort of direction of thought. I really liked it. So, I’ll surely be back. 🙂 Thanks for hosting it. I’ll get in to read the others. Right now, though, I better get organised for school or I’d sit here all day wordling. 🙂

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