Toes Grown

There’s consolation and some comfort in the knowing

That streets I’ve walked upon they’ll walk on too,

That rivers I have known, they’ll feel in flowing,

Their gift of life transporting, they the crew

Forever destined to new embarkations,

New destinations, some far out of sight, 

Predestined in unknown determinations,

Forked with choices they believe are right.

There’s sympathy and empathy in feeling

That those who venture forth to find their route,

Deserve the trust and onward love they’re stealing,

Travellers whose first steps falter’d, as I put

A hand to hold, support the risk they took then,

Determined but with dainty, tiny toes,

Kissed in days I never saw when

New shoes would grow and feet would wander forth.

There are tears that now the door has opened wider,

While heart is closing round the children grown,

Seeking yet to hold a little longer

Even though they, like time, have flown.

I’m counting heads and reeling from the impact

Of emptier nest while four will still remain,

Pretending joy, acceptance of a life fact,

That children grow. And I still have this to feel again.

7 thoughts on “Toes Grown”

  1. Oh my gosh I know this one for sure! Beautiful poem! My girl said to me last night Mummy what is wrong I can tell something is wrong because I’m the only one that has ever felt your heart from inside. Wow! I think of this when I read this I thought how blessed you are to know this feeling more then once and also your children to know how your heart feels from inside! Isn’t that the coolest feeling? 😀


  2. That was so very instructional and eye opening for me. My first one is 16 and though I know it’s coming, I haven’t thought about the tide going out. X


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