Checking Out

You crowd are a bloody disgrace!

You’ve kept me out of my bed when I should’ve been trying to catch up on all the sleep I’m missing due to feckin’ Vitamin D levels in the toilet again.

But do you hear me complaining of aching limbs and sleep deprivation? No. (You would if you were here right enough. #Shut the fuck up, mother!)

I’m heading for the hay having achieved one goal tonight. Yasss! 1000 posts in 16 months. Blogging and depleted Vitamin D was where I came in. I can’t half talk shite. #sooner or later, before, after, whatevers.

I’ll miss you my darlings for all of a month unless my ability to achieve the goal I set tonight is made manifest in the longer one of Nano.

I’m probably talking #shite here. Because, knowing me, I’ll be back before you can say Twitter. And there’s always Facebook if I’m desperate.

I’ve almost finished a bottle of wine. By myself. And I’m feeeeeeling gooood. Hic!

Van Helsing was a wash out, btw. Might salivate over Australia tomorrow. 2000 words allowing. 😉 x

Edit Yass!

post-milestone-1000-1x     🙂

22 thoughts on “Checking Out”

  1. Get some serious sleep! Hugh is not going anywhere off this planet, as I think he has traversed most of the planet. I will make sure I keep you updated, so off you go, scoot, oh, wash your hands and face first (dumbest thing I was ever told, because it simply wakes me up).


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