The shakes are beginning!

I’m starting to quake.

No more blogging!

I feel like a flake,

Imagining a world where here I feel I belong

Yet, denying its presence to sing my own song.

Can’t do this, I’m sweating (although I’m quite cool 😉 )

I’m raring and ready but shit what a fool

I’ll feel, if I start this and fall at first fence.

Guess I won’t know lest I try, my defence,

Believing and dreaming that maybe the might

Is not quite so distant as seen at first sight.

2000 I’m sorted! Better than Twitter,

I’m a talker, a writer (sic), I’m not bitter,

To try and not muster is better supposin’

I fail, nope won’t hear that, I try, I prevail.

I’m waffling, excuse me, I’ll miss you like hell.

That’s part motivation so I’ll be back just to tell

The tale of the author who talks and who tried.

Luck wished between us. Feck, I’m so fried!

Nah! I’m not worried. I know you’re forgivin’,

I’ve read you all here and you’re all blessed from heaven.

You get it, you know it, I know that you do,

It’s a drive born among us, I feel it like you.

I can’t do the Twitter though I’ll be tempted if words

Fail me in novel, I’ll just twoot #absurd.

One more this evening I think that’s the score.

Waffling for Scotland #Independence #once more. 😉

Well, you didn’t imagine that my freedom had gone to hell, did you?

#No chance.  On till all the dreams are realised. Feck, missed a hashtag there somewhere. #bollocks!


10 thoughts on “#Fuck!”

    1. I’ve tried a few times and I’m still a bit lost but I’m determined to embrace it as another avenue for engagement. Social media was where the hub of information and pointers to arose during the referendum campaign.

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    1. Yup, just about to embark on the next 2000 after a brainstorming session with my daughter and a house guest! Raring to go. 🙂 I tweeted my user name to you if you want to buddy. 🙂


      1. I haven’t been back in since I registered! Just going for the writing. But I will get in to browse around all that’s offered there by way of help and support. And to do my bit to support others. I shouldn’t even be replying to this on WP against my own promise to self. But it is to do with Nano! 😉 I’ll catch up with you on the Nano site. Annemarie7 is my user name there.x

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