Rocking Friday

I’m having a night off tonight, I am,

It’s been a long week at chalk face,

Cabernet Sauvignon’s ready to pour

And there’s a movie I’ll watch for his grace…

Not really a fan of blood and of gore,

Hallowe’en’s just really for weans,

But I’ll risk some vampires and hunters as well

For his eyes and a dose from his veins.

Van Helsing is playing tonight on the screen,

Well, really, it’s Hugh that I covet,

But at a pinch, I’ll put up with the blood,

Suck it up and hope that I love it.

I rarely do movies it has to be said,

Not much a fan of the box,

But with glass held in hand and feet on the couch,

I’ll suffer ‘cos Hugh Jackman rocks. 😉


18 thoughts on “Rocking Friday”

  1. Enjoy sis – I feckn hate Halloween and had no intention of ‘dressing up’ but I’ve just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and oh holy God almighty —- with my hair like a burst couch, and my face showing a severe lack of sleep, I do believe I look like a zombie so I should scare the trick and treaters shitless when I answer the door!!!! Spookeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxx


      1. 😀 lol. Only you momus could step that one step more. You keep putting those things out there can get you in trouble. Just ask an expert. My wishes to be with the adorable Sandra Bullock had me run smack bang into her doppleganger. This woman was the spitting image of her. I was so mesmerised and staring that I think she was going to call the police…and her husband wasn’t impressed either 😀


      2. Ah, now, it doesn’t always follow. I once went on a date with a guy who was evrything in appearance that I imagined was my ideal. Only he wasnt. Big soldier he was, gorgeous! Sexy as f…. anything. But, actually did nothing for me. Just goes to show. Something. Whatever. 🙂 Maybe, judge not by appearances. Or wait till you kiss then see. Or…I could go on but maybe better not. 😉
        So, did her husband sock you one? 🙂


      3. He started to move to where I was…that’s when I ‘came to’ and realised I was making an ‘ass’ of myself…and ‘left the building’ so to speak. I think I’ll just fall in love with a normal country gal. Any other expectations will just get me into trouble 🙂


      4. Ok, I hear ya! I’m going out now to an opening to a new spiritual shop…I’ll see if there’s something nice in there 😀 I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂 As for you…sleep my friend…or your mind might start to wander 🙂 …a bit more lol.


      5. Oooh did I find something nice…but the leash it was attached to got upset when I tried to steal it 😀 Absolutely amazing Border Collie, and caramel and white. Never seen that colour before, they are usually black and white. The lady was a bit miffed that I was drooling over her puppy and ignoring her I think 🙂 I think she said her name was Bullock…Sandra if I remember rightly lol 😀 I was too busy patting the hound dog 🙂


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