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Jjjj-1   My name is Lisa. I run a blog land called Underground Energy and I am the next  guest to post in the land of Anne-Marie. In my land, we discuss life in general and  in depth, sideways and from the bird’s eye view; even upside down. I’m married  to Johnny Ojanpera, so many times our blogs overlap. Sometimes, it’s even funny,  as we each run a “secret” tabloid on the other.


Anyway, I was in deep thought today and my mind did some pond wandering to  wolf packs, which got me to thinking about the people I hang out with, or my  wolf pack. Because in my land we are all wolves. You see, my wolf pack is a pack  of lone wolves. Yes, you heard me correctly. We are indeed a pack of lone wolves.  For some reason or other, each of us has had to take a path that has been pretty  isolated.


So, when the Hopi elder gave the advice that everyone should have a pack, we did the only thing lone wolves could do. We started a pack of lone wolves. We had some issues to work out. Negotiations that we had to naturally come to terms with over such a suggestion of being part of a pack. It was rather absurd at first. We actually enjoy being in silence, alone, together. Yes, alone together, that is the simplest way to describe it.


I think the hardest part of being in our wolf pack is setting a pace that is good for everyone, but eventually we come to terms and then we are a well oiled machine.Screenshot_2014-04-01-09-17-00-1


Oh, we also write fiction, poetry, novels,op-eds, the occasionally conspiracy theory, bitch about the world’s problems, mental problems, pretend to portal to other worlds, draw, paint, write music, sing, dance, laugh, take photographs with the occasional photo war, raise children and have animals as friends. Oh!, and we have a weekly music theme.


Disclaimer: Sometimes the trees are upside down in our world. Writers, I swear, always coming up with shit that isn’t there. 😉


Thank you,

Lisa Ojanpera


“Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success.”

Thank you,


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19 thoughts on “Underground Energy”

  1. There is a book called “women who run with the wolves!” Your book could be the lone “connected” wolf who sees through the eyes if the “all” You have an amazing creative connective ability here girl. I saw your comment on Jamalia blog and said She gets “it” Whatever it is! Glad to have found your blog!

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    1. Thank you! That’s a very high compliment. Jamila is very much one of my wolf sisters. I suppose you are too. Nice to meet you. It is wonderful to connect with you as well. I will most definitely have to check out that book! 😉

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    1. Thanks, Laurie! I’m getting to your book, I swear. I’ve been up to my elbows in vomit since 10 pm. EWWWWWW! 2/4 kids are home sick + hubby. Ughhhhh! Have an awesome day.


  2. This ‘elegant doll’ is currently up to her eyes in coffee mugs and fag ends! (cigs to you, 😉 just in case you wondered what I was up to!)
    Thanks so much, Lisa, for bringing your wolf pack here and sharing another lone voice, ensuring that no one truly is isolated. I love your analogy. Howling, in fact here, at the knowledge that, by coming together and working together, I have the luxury of splendid isolation to batter hell out of the keyboard and hope against hope that all of it will make sense in the end. What we all hope I suppose. No voices in the wilderness. All successes an effort of unity.
    Big hugs to all the wolf pack. And if you spot my favourite wolf on your travels, while I’m holed up in my lair , tell Hugh I said Hi! 😉 x

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