Doin’ My Bit For Scottish Folk….

I don’t know exactly what in the hell A-M is doing this month other than slavering over some perspective novel and ignoring the rest of us, but HEY! It’s all about her and we can deal with our own abandonment issues….

I have no idea if I’m doing this right by posting here as she has demanded of us.

Since I have no concept of organization nor the penchant for such menial mortal tasks such as “following” instructions, as she well knows, I will post a couple of my favorites here; providing A-M with the creative where-withall  to do her thang.

I support Scottish freedom and creativity….

Haggis consumption should be punishable by death.

Love you, A-M….

I hope you like these and dedicate your book to me….or at the least, a token acknowledgment.

You Will See….


The thundering sky understands me…

The sweet taste of cloud, sky tears on my face, save me the effortless toil of shedding my own.

The empathy of torment sky loans me these pearls of liquid light, oh unselfish sky…mystery and clear.

Give me…
Take me…

When the dark kills blue…oil stroked canvas sky…
The master artists pallette visions sunlight shades and finds no mix for gold, nor ray to compare…

Paint what you see…
Write what you feel…
Dance to what you hear…
Drive it like you stole it….

To smell pure, the soft and plain…
Petals of sky made earth again; flower land of sights…

Anoint my brow, oh sky fallen tear
Pit the dust upon my feet, this weary, loathsome traveler pleads…

So a little pain must fall…
It can’t rain all the time…
Neither sun, nor days ever lasts

Sanctify me blessed sky

Joy or sorrow, nay twain from cloud or eye
Jaded pearls of light bent sky are the same, upon earth or hands they fall….

Can I offer anything in return for these open skies, reflected tears of light or brightly shadowed mind?

This is the thanks you will receive big blue sky;

The humble sacrifice of a moment from my life;wpid-20140719_2104365886-picsay.jpg

Recognized and taken for granted..

As we all….

I will give you, an;
Upturned face…
Closed eyes…
A kissed prayer for grace….
A Whispered thanks…

Then, I will dance in the rain and shake my fist at God and cry;

“That was perfect!”

“Do it again!”

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10 thoughts on “Doin’ My Bit For Scottish Folk….”

  1. Thx everyone! For some reason my reply thingee and like thingee ain’t workin’ so I decided to revisit the post thingee and say thank ye! I appreciate the nice comments. But, I do it all for the nookie! Ha Ha A-M!

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  2. You’re a nut job!
    I’ll nookie, ye!
    You do realise that all my best laid plans have gone agley. Leave it to mice and men, eh? 😉
    I’ll let you off though as I know you’re a rebel with a big truck. And I value my toes.
    Thank you, Trey, for guesting although you could have had a whole day to yourself! Just sayin’.
    I’m quite au fait with not following rules and guidance. You should see the nick of my novel! 🙂
    Big hugs.
    Loved the post by the way. You can fairly wax poetic when it comes up yer humph. I feel totally inspired. 🙂 x

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      1. I can say that in a few languages. And a few more things besides. Does that make me a bigger hussy?
        Je t’aime, mon ami. Tu es une étoile! Et un homme superlative. 😉


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