Poetry Erotica: An Ode to Your Mouth

You flash your charming smile

Your eyes drawing me in from a mile

With each stride, you move closer

Reeling me in as I lose my composure


Your scent intoxicates all of my senses

Your words render me defenceless

Smouldering heat drips inside me

Like little droplets of honey glee


Start with your tongue

Thawing me inside out

Hot, sticky and sweet

This flame burns within


Tease me with your juicy mouth

Tracing every line and curve

As my desires heave and swerve

Imprint my aching flesh with your kiss


Lick every seam as I unfold

Leave nothing unexposed

Savour the panorama

My body becomes

Until I come undone.

 ~ Shirley Maya Tan







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Huffington Post Blogger Shirley Maya Tan has been published in the Elephant Journal, The B-Side and other popular media. A single mother who resides in the Philippines and Malaysia, Shirley writes about motherhood and the dating scene, to sexuality, spirituality, identity and everything in between. Her personal blog, The Art of Fearless Living, is an intimate, authentic and revealing portrait of one woman’s quest to live fearlessly in our complex contemporary society. She is also a Social Impact Investor at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm in the Philippines. Discover how you, too, can choose to live an authentic, fulfilling life just by letting go of your fears. Subscribe to her blog at shirleymaya.com

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