Your gift to the world

It is an honour and joy for me to guest blog at Scottishmomus. Anne-Marie is very dear to me, and to think that we have not even met up in person (yet). But we have met numerous times over the net, via emails and between each blog post. Our friendship blossomed through our mutual love for words, and passion for humanity. Technology has enabled us to find each other. With it, I have also found a beautiful soul sister in Anne-Marie. For this and more, I am truly grateful.

Technology can truly be used for the greater good when we make it so. I’ve witnessed how this wonderful blogging community has evolved over time, making it possible for writers and friends from all around the world to connect. I get to marvel at each unique talent at work (and play) in the process.

The blogging and writing arena is no different than the real world. It is not always smooth sailing, but there is always sparks of brilliance.

Bleeding Pen


There are times when the pen bleeds, but nothing comes forth. No words would adorn the page. No verses could spell out the emotions that lay buried.

But there are times when our hearts open up, and then the pen drips boundlessly as if by magic, from one page to the next – eager to fill up the emptiness, staining that white papery sheet with love, pain, happiness, sadness, hopes, fears, dreams and whatever else that lies beyond.

If you can write, write.

If you can draw, please draw.

If you can sing, please drown the noise with your melodious voice. 

Whatever it is that you are good at doing, or enjoy doing – just please do it.

Don’t let your fears hold you back.

As Steven Pressfield wrote in “The War of Art” ~ “Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor. It’s a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got.”

So, channel all your emotions and creativity into form.

Bring them to life, and share with the world.

We are all better because of it.

Your talent is a gift.

It adds value to our perspectives, and enriches our humanity.

So, please don’t stop. And if you have yet to start, please choose your “medium” and begin.

As we await for Anne-Marie to complete her novel, may each of us continue to colour the world with our own magical “wand”.



Shirley Maya Tan at The Art of Fearless Living




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  1. You are a treasure, SS. It’s words like these that brought us together. Thank you so much for bringing your gifts to share here.
    ‘Thank you with folded hands’. I love that. And it is reciprocated.x

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