Happily, I accept friend Anne-Marie’s invitation to post on her blog during her creative hiatus in the world of the novel. I have long admired her passionate poetry and thoughtfully provocative prose. I hope this light poem of mine will give her readers a pleasant pause as she builds herself a new pathway to literary stardom.


my dandy green engine
just sputtered and coughed
till I gave it a kick and
it licked into stride with
a great cosmic thrum as
it sucked in the carbon
emissions that hung from
the atmosphere cleansing
the blue like an art
restoration recaptures the
painter’s own light but
the off-switch just wouldn’t
respond and it sucked
down the sky with a whoosh
and then gurgled while
pulling the sea from its beds
next the cities went clattering
into its maw and I kicked
it and whacked it to no
real avail as I watched every
landscape and mountain
get swallowed an instant
ahead of the sun moon
and stars so with no love
of loneliness I had no choice
but to tuck in my chin and
dive into my beast leaving
then and forever an old
planet newly made clean and
pristine cold and dark with
one dandy machine that again
seized with sputter and cough

– Paul F. Lenzi


Published by

Paul F. Lenzi

Retired insurance company executive. New Jersey born and bred, now enjoying the lush mountains and blissful tranquility of quaint New Hampshire. There is no theme to this blog. My poetry is eclectic. My polemics are judgmental. My prose is thoughtful. All of my writing is unschooled but emphatically heartfelt. Some of it is for fun and allows me to play with and experiment with words and ideas. Some of it vents my emotion and is therein therapeutic. All of it has the quality of subjective truth and conveys who and what I am in my depths.

5 thoughts on “Invention”

  1. Oh, I enjoyed this, Paul. I smiled all the way through the first reading at the images of your machine in glorious action. Then went back again to get my tempo right – in keeping with the sputters and coughs.
    I concur with the professor – delightful. 🙂

    Thank you so much for being a guest and sharing your work. And thank you too for your kindness in introduction. I better finish this book! 😉 x


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