Scottish Wildcats


There are no castles in Scotland for the likes of you and I,

Quiant buts and bens and sheep in the glens are also pie in the sky

Cities and streets, that’s where we meet or we would if we had no fears,

Changed these days from the mists, the haze, falling now as tears.

The castles historic remind us of a past that’s distant, long gone,

Lorded in, or viewed for a ticket, sung in erstwhile song.

The hills still stand in their beauty, the glens have cottages few,

Views are different from townships, no less Scottish, fewer sheep inhabit them too.

The heart of this land that we live in is beating with much greater might,

Views now seen are prophetic, filled with light giving sight.

The rain still pours and we shelter from onslaughts deluged from above,

Mastered by weather but stoic, fists to the skies and we love

To dance in the storms that are brewing, seeing the air spark with flame,

Afired by causes specific, justice for all is proclaimed

In streets and in squares where we gather, in halls and in clubs and in mind,

We’re coming down from the mountains, still woaded and goal is to find

Redemption from nature’s oppressors, the enemy of all, we’re no prey,

The landlords, still feudal in mindset, can count their lordship of days.

Community renewed is the answer, forging connections afresh,

Reaching, receiving and giving, not part of a plan we confess

But born by the need of a nation, by nations worldwide who can see

That Scotland is just one small brother or sister, part of one large family

Needing and knowing as you do, as we all do, if minds open wide,

Swift winds of change wafting o’er us, cleansing humanity’s pride,

Transparency, guileless, with courage, painted the colour of air,

Invisible no more in the mountains, wildcats escaping from lair.


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  1. As a photographer and not a poet the photograph is always the thing that stops me first. So that photo stopped me and I read this and then listened to it and it lead me away. The words, the accent, the topic. What can I say. Thank you.


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