passing in the night

I have awakened from a dream of you at this ungodly hour

With words upon my lips and in my mind,

Declarations pending, liminal in style

But yours to me and these are what I find.

Words upon the surface with a core that runs below,

Unhallowed, but hollowed from a mine,

Checked for flaws and riddled

But diamond in their worth,

Hesitant but sight-giving to one blind.

In darkness of the pits and night,

Stars call to the soul,

Dazzle first, cause disarray

Then guide as days of old.

Sought among the heavens

Above, seven plough’d beneath,

Expressed in words that sigh with guilt,

Extend such brief relief.

Buried deep in grounds around

And painted in the skies

The words are writ in diamond dust,

Sparkled in the eyes.

Such are those that woke my sleep

And furnish here you see

But spoken not from my lips,

Such were yours to me.

Passed along from in my dreams,

That caused a smile to reach

For instrument that tortures yet

Brings to words thoughts breached.

Pivotal this hour of night

On unsuspecting soul.

Dismiss as fit but know, while dreamt,

Yours words made my heart whole.


Cursus Honorum

Another new/old contribution to dear Anne-Marie’s blogging sabbatical.

Cursus Honorum

bellyful of accidental harvest

brass medallions swing from your neck

as you stoop to enter your reputation

then drop to a spider crawl

scratching oaths in the dirt with a pointless blade

down the middle-pathed

privileges bent through a maze

where integrity stood like a mainmast

tall proud in its shrouds

your fine untouched prize at the center

until it dissolved in the capital rains

never missed by a soul

– Paul F. Lenzi