passing in the night

I have awakened from a dream of you at this ungodly hour

With words upon my lips and in my mind,

Declarations pending, liminal in style

But yours to me and these are what I find.

Words upon the surface with a core that runs below,

Unhallowed, but hollowed from a mine,

Checked for flaws and riddled

But diamond in their worth,

Hesitant but sight-giving to one blind.

In darkness of the pits and night,

Stars call to the soul,

Dazzle first, cause disarray

Then guide as days of old.

Sought among the heavens

Above, seven plough’d beneath,

Expressed in words that sigh with guilt,

Extend such brief relief.

Buried deep in grounds around

And painted in the skies

The words are writ in diamond dust,

Sparkled in the eyes.

Such are those that woke my sleep

And furnish here you see

But spoken not from my lips,

Such were yours to me.

Passed along from in my dreams,

That caused a smile to reach

For instrument that tortures yet

Brings to words thoughts breached.

Pivotal this hour of night

On unsuspecting soul.

Dismiss as fit but know, while dreamt,

Yours words made my heart whole.


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  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. And, again, echoing my own thoughts today. I just saw Anne Rice speak today- and had a chance to chat with her briefly- and her words and her writing and her approach to the world is revivifying. Inspiration everywhere. xo

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    1. She would be quite someone to listen to, I imagine. Will you do a post on it? I’d be interested to hear her take on a few things. I think there is inspiration all around at the moment, Cole. Discernment is the problem. At least for me. Or my ability to communicate it. Getting up to my eyes now in trying to sort the dross from the diamond dust! x

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      1. I hope I can put together a post- about her- and the influence she has had on me. And her latest book. Just have to get the thoughts straight, and find a space of quiet time to do so.

        Sounds like you’re making incredible progress on the NaNo! Good for you! Can’t wait to hear all about it! xo

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      2. I’ll look forward to reading that when I catch breath here.
        I reached something of an impasse a couple of days ago and wrote nothing! Apart from a few poems. I was trying to sequence some of the events, realised I needed to check historical facts, got lost in that, gave up the ghost and had a glass of wine instead! My brain’s slightly less scrambled but my office wall looks like a forest has exploded on it and I keep moving bits of paper around and adding new bits! I think it’s gonna be longer than 50000 words and I have a sequel in mind! Do you think maybe it’s all getting to me now? 😉 I’m still enjoying it but it’s going to take so much more work to have it anything like I want it to be. I’ve signed up for the ‘What now?’ session for January and February. Commitment, you know? Hopefully, by the end of the month I should be able to have a draft that’s readable if very much imperfect. I might beg your assistance for a reading and let you tear strips out of it. I’ve promised my sister and a few other people the same thing. And I want it trashed where it needs trashing and approved where it warrants approval so I can move on to an edit that reflects a reader’s opinion as well as my own. Is that something you’d be up for? I’d value your input and your historical expertise in obliterating any mistakes I’ll be sure to fall into or already have done. A bit of poetic licence notwithstanding. 😉 x

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      3. Would love to give it a read! Happy to do so. Glad that it’s going so well- and a few days of writer’s pause (it wasn’t really a block- you got past it so quickly) can be expected.

        Keep at it, Lady. Very impressed with and proud of you! xo


      4. Oh, that’d be great, thanks, Cole. Just as soon as it’s ready for any sort of public perusal. I’d be further on if it weren’t for my laptop playing silly buggers. It’s been a complete pain for a good few weeks now – months maybe – ready for binning it, it’s been so temperamental. I hope yours is holding up or you managed to get yourself a new one.
        When technology, cars – anything really, that I know nothing about!- play up I could scream with frustration. It might be that I buggered it, right enough! Note to self – always make a recovery disc and don’t attempt to use one that you might have made for this laptop but just might have made for a.n. other Samsung. 😦


    1. Excuse! I know if you check back you’ll find that my self-imposed exile was conditional on writing the equivalent of 2000 words a day. 36000 plus now at day fifteen! Saying that, I could probably score out a fair percentage. Besides this poem is part of the storyline – kind of. A bit. Vaguely. 😉 x

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      1. 😀 You are a passion in the night momus (don’t tell hubby I said that 🙂 it is meant from the soul). Well done my friend, I’m very impressed. You do realise your the leader of the pack. I have to stop being sidetracked now and seriously get back into my book again 🙂 Your a slave driver 🙂

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      2. I’m done for the day. Brain frazzled and befuddled by plot and sequence. The first bit was easy. Now I’m trying to join the dots and can only see the dots! But still loving the process. And I can’t help writing poems in the middle of it all. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Cole. I’ve always wanted to be wise and talented to match my fab looks and figure! 😉 I’m hysterical now. Don’t mind me 🙂 I need some fresh air. Cig smoke, wine, the printed word and four walls are taking their toll. 🙂 Giving up the ghost now to dream some words up. Oh, that’s it. I’m gone. Solid gone.
      I think I just quoted Baloo from The Jungle Book movie. Please tell me I didn’t. That’s not the image I want to convey. 🙂 🙂
      Why can’t I just say ‘thanks’ and be done with it? Eh? No wonder this book will exceed the count set. I despair of me sometimes….


  2. What a lovely way to be awakened…I enjoyed your poem! The past week been bedridden with a nasty cold that denies me much of a voice, so been glued to Netflix a lot…Scott and Bailey was a hit for me, one of the detectives , Rachel, reminds me of you!! Moving on to Silk and love it!

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    1. I’m glad you got a kick out of it, especially if you’re laid up and feeling under the weather.
      Now I had to go check out who you were talking about and I know who she is. I’ve seen a couple of bits from that series. She also used to be in Coronation Street as a bit of a bad yin. I have an alter ego. 🙂 I’ll have to go check out Silk now. Or maybe watch a bit if telly now and again. 😉
      Hope you get better soon, Oliana.x


      1. Well then at least she plays roles always in Manchester:) The lead in Silk reminds me of my friend I used to go clubbing with when I first divorced…the fun we had. She has the same voice and almost the same accent…born in Scottland, lived a bit in Australia and raised mostly in Manchester. She actually introduced me to her husband`s best friend whom I discuss as my first love after 30 yrs…that Navy guy. I called work to take 2 more days…can`t talk longer than 5 mins with my smoker’s voice or sexy voice, take your pick…on the counselling line without hacking like a lunatic. So I`m reading new blogs I’ve discovered at your blog. Big hugs to you, Annie:)


    1. I know I’ve said in the past that I do wake from dreams with words ready for paper. Bizarrely, it feels that is what is happening with my novel and still with poetry. I think I’ve become the dream. A really strange, surreal sort of feeling. Just as well I still have to go to school in the mornings or I’d be gone with it! I look like the wild woman of Borneo! Definitely not what I dreamt when I started out on this venture but I’ll book a hairdressing appointment at the end and hope reality returns with the scissors. 🙂

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      1. You do realise your channelling from within don’t you Momus (that dreamy feeling etc). That is the muse within. That is your gift, the ability to come from within and share with your physicality down here.
        Mind you, you may be channelling Shakespeare 🙂 or some such. He may be your guide. You have to be discerning here. I chose to connect with my higher self but if you choose to you can channel Walt Disney. But that obviously isn’t your path or you would be making movies 🙂 .
        And as you well know, much comes through…and from the right place it will give a feeling of love (and leave you quite floaty because it raises you and leaves you a bit ungrounded). A grounding exercise is needed or you might just float off 🙂
        Jokes aside, it can make functioning down here a bit fuzzy. And, for me, initially I craved it like an addiction. Our journey is a balance with both down here, if you chase that lovely feeling only, your trip down here becomes unbalanced.
        Your a little surprise packet momus, well done 🙂


      2. It’s definitely a weird process, Mark, I’ll tell you that for nothing. One minute I’m writing like a crazy person then I’m either all used up till I sleep and dream and wake with new ideas or I’m trying to switch it off so I can sleep. Frankly, if it wasn’t for work and weans I’d be stir crazy by now. But I’m almost at the end of the challenge. Less than six thousand words to write which I should manage over the weekend. The big part now is making it all make sense. That might be easier said than done. Some bits feel perfect and I’m really pleased with them. That would be the first chapter and the last one! Other bits are pure drivel! Battered down as it came, more like stream of consciousness writing. I’ll make sense of it all but what a job that will entail.
        I’d definitely do it again though. It’s a really motivating way to work.
        As long as those channels you speak of stay true. 🙂 x


      3. Well done momus. Do yourself a favour and get a favoured few to read it and give an honest feedback. What they found interesting or not as it can give an overall feel to what you have done. Just a thought.
        And I’m impressed, writer extraordinaire, I’ll be hunting you for autographs 🙂 Bugger, what have I created stirring you up all the time 😀
        Good luck and best wishes, at the least it will be a masterpiece momus because you have followed your heart 🙂


  3. this was a wonderful read…I enjoyed the energy of it …
    Thank you for sharing…and hope you are doing well on your book…! 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter…


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