(A Guest Post From “Poesy plus Polemics”)

avalanching ethers

burst among solar flares

explosive with locust bytes

swarming in broadband storms

chomping through dark matter orbits

dimming the starlight

with sensory overload

to then disappear

massive cloud after cloud

into gestating bellies of

Cancer and Capricorn

reborn and transmogrified

carapaced, cloven-clawed

mandibled, sea-goats

voracious for unwrinkled brains

with pubescent attraction

to distraction of inane textese

reductive emoticonned moments

flashing frivolous acronyms

from voice-command gadgets

and chatspeaking thumbs

unable to utter

or finger-swipe

anything cosmic

to rescue the intellect

from cultural dross piled like grave-dirt

interring a species

that might have discovered

the soul of the universe

– Paul F. Lenzi




Shod, metallic footprint from the iron and the dust,

Imprimatur on landscape, on foreheads, blood-red rust,

Quivered for the arrows, seismic built for force,

Herald futures present, angelic voices hoarse.

Toppled from the bottom on legs too rarely straight,

Missing link presented, evolution’s backward gait,

Galloped on the sea foam, emerged from lowly heights,

Troglodytic vision, protusions limit sight,

Backwards, forwards facing, side by side, redact

Evidential actions, exclusive pacts retract

Fortunes for the future, markets’ falling stock,

Tempus fugit ages, seizure bell to clock.