Sunlight fuels the fire that flames within me,

Darkness makes the daytime disappear,

Your light flares the glowing embers,

Burns me up whenever you are near.

Ashes in your presence turn to splendour,

Phoenix now reborn inside your love,

Flaming flight in day and now in starlight,

In orbit pulled and pulsing from above.


L’Opéra de Paris

(Guest Post for Anne-Marie)

my verdigris balcony
overlooked Palais Garnier
where classical royalty
sheltered in splendor
their musical jewelry
acoustical diamonds
of unsurpassed sound
graced appreciative ears

Beaux-Arts opulence
filled gilt attentive lorgnettes
framing battleworn eyes
of philosophers huddled
beneath golden flames
of a murderous
seven-ton tiered
chandelier luminating
the plush auditorium

all this grandeur was built
high above discrete
watery dungeons
where Gaston Leroux’s
tragic phantom discovered
psychosis in chains
casting dark architectural
infamy over the fiction
of popular culture

the opera house shared
its first breaths with
La Troisième République
regretting once more
an imperial monarchy
stumbling along its
return to democracy
trying the world’s
great composers on
modernized peasants

– Paul F. Lenzi