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glencoe 2nd choice


Reliving history for Jack has become a matter of survival for the future of mankind. When all technological means of communication are withheld to thwart the Dawning it becomes imperative on those Awakened to share what they remember and what has been revealed.

With possible extinction in sight, at negligent hands and the hands of those who wield the power, it is Jack’s task after the Awakening to ensure that his granddaughter understands the past and uses her gifts as one of the Evolved to ensure its continuity.

Young as she is, and with so little time allocated to her, he must let her see inside his mind and disclose to her what she needs to know to ensure she may live a little longer. A place of images and imagination melded with fact and mythology, Jack allows her access to his memories and hopes it will be enough.

Set in the heart of the mountains of Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands, Jack reveals the secrets of his life and its history as he has come to understand it. By at last putting his own guilt and betrayal to rest, and facing fears known to all, he summons the strength necessary to reconnect with a world he has shunned for too long.


Yeah? No? Maybe?

OK. Excerpt.


It is difficult to describe a place nearer to heaven than the mountains of the Scottish Highlands. Difficult not to imagine that the hand of an almighty creator visited them and shaped them through the eons of time to ensure that they arrived at their perfect majesty. It is difficult to think that any other means was possible in their creation.
But we know that the land was formed in the evolution of a world become scenic through calamitous periods that graced the landscape with more wonder than is possible to inhale at one time. It is easy to breathe the air there and feel the source of all life pour into lungs glad for its renewal.
And it is not difficult at all to fall in love with the wild mountains and air that speak in a voice only whispered in sighs descending from the summits and up from the earth. A voice sometimes raised in wild wind and frozen breath, chilling into the marrow of our beings.
It is all too easy to think of the people who inhabited those mountains in days gone past and whose lives and livelihoods were dependent on working with the land they were born to, a land they became a part of. Some more closely a part of than others.
In the mountains of that land there lie secrets that only those who lived at that time may ever really have known. And even then, perhaps, the stories told would be one-sided, slanted as all stories are by who recounts them.
In the telling of history it is said the winner has the upper hand. Who else is left to relate the story and publish memoirs if not those who vanquished the other?
Then there is the word passed down, the history that is never written but is etched in the hearts of those who ensured that another account was possible. Another version of events that may just be as true as the ones scribed.
History is strange like that. Hindsight sees clearer but does not see all.
Imagination and some clarity attached to the events, reliving the moments as if one of those present, might better relate the feelings and thoughts of those who lived at that time. At least, I think so.
We pore over notes and search in vaults for clues as detectives of the past when we are the living embodiment of that past. In worlds within worlds, in places everywhere we carry the legacy of that past into our present, living it while rarely learning from it, it seems.
Forever destined to repeat the mistakes made, to follow the path outlined before, to not see and to not hear, to ignore all evidence that says there must be a better way.
Across the manifest histories, horsemen, battalions, warriors, and common folk have succumbed to the power that seeks to wield the control, to wrest from the earth and all upon it the privilege granted to share in the wonder around us. We do not enjoy. We eat it up and spit it out. Glad only that we have, that we can have more.
Then we see. We awaken.
And we see that whatever we have we only have for such a very little time. We pass as all others have passed before us. And leave only the legacy of our ways.
This is mine.

I see light now everywhere. The stars have been turned on and their light shines even in the daytime, seen from afar by all who have Awakened. But before that there was darkness. And illusion.

The purple of the heather has never been so bright; filaments on thistles reveal every nuance of history fed into their roots. The colours and life on these mountains bring me home. Home where I’m happiest, among those I love and those who love me. Among brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, old and young; life passing in its quiet way with grandeur setting the scene and diminished grief in the understood belief that we share one source.
I pick idly at the petals on one stalk of thistle and play a game in my mind as I pluck from its centre, asking ‘Reality? Illusion?’ I know that soon the thistle flower will die and I will watch as the down is cast on the wind. Each indigo filament becoming the seed that will grow afresh in a new flower; a wild flower dismissed as unimportant. A weed in the landscape. A mere nothing. But intrinsic to the landscape and as meaningful, to my mind, as every rose or orchid that ever graced more worthy tables. More worthy only in the eyes of the observer. Never more worthy than the child before me. One of the Evolved born to my daughter the night we Awakened. It is my task, as her grandfather and chosen mentor to ensure that she understands it all.


Maybe? Well, I’m going with it.

For some the world is small. For others a place too huge to venture alone. But together, we can change the future. ‘The Evolved’ is going to be the second book. Starting in December. Or maybe tonight. Not sure. Wine dependent. 😉

The third I know the story. Just not sure of the ending.

Guest bloggers required for the near future. 😉

And my thanks to all who let me wander in mind while my blog thrived in the hands of guests. I owe you all.

Paul is pending. Have you been pending before, Paul? 😉

If there is anyone who would like to use up the rest of November as guest let me know. I’m open to a few days R&R.

You have been the stars in my firmament while I wandered. Bless you all.

Takers? Anyone? Collaboration? Sexy poetry? Bit of sensual innuendo? Anything within reason! #not a pervert but…;)

Third glass of wine about to go down and I think Ill go and build me a farm on some virtual reality. Or knit a few rows. Or….maybe write just a couple more sentences about what our future may or may not hold.


Fuck! That would have made a much shorter synopsis.

Ach, well. That’s me.

Still loving you all.x





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  1. What’s not to like?! Me arse is knittin’ buttons – dying to read all of it – the parts which I’ve already had the privilege of reading are wonderful – canae wait ya clever clogs ye xxxx


      1. Wine on Friday sounds perfect sis – and wtf – orgy? Is that something to do with sex – ya dirty bugger – och I’m just jealous – no had any in agggggggggggges!!! xxx


  2. Momus…what can I say, you have blown me right out of the water with this. This I didn’t expect (serves me right) :). I was expecting some political satire or at the least a serve at the establishment 🙂
    But this…wow…I can’t wait my friend, this is right up my ally. That ability to ‘see’ something for the future, from a hope within that has been with us forever.
    I’m smiling like an idiot…I know a great author…and was there at the birth :D…I’m a dad…well, I feel like one anyway, proud as punch!!! Woohoo!!!
    I am very proud of you momus, created from within and putting it out there to share.
    May I come to your knighthood? Or at least one of those after parties…you know…where all those famous people make asses of themselves and it’s in all the papers and mags for weeks after it? 🙂

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    1. You mean somewhere where we get roaring drunk, pee in the fountain, dance like a loon and then cringe in the shower the next day? Never done any of that before. 😉 Well, maybe bits if I’m being honest.
      Thanks, Mark. I could have gone the political satire route but I figured on going with what seems more real to me. Just hope it feels real to others.x

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      1. Just follow your heart momus, THAT will attract exactly as needed. Trust me. It is about being YOUR truth, and giving from that place. If you worry what others will think you unintentionally block what comes through. Just be you, and what you love to do, and that truth will naturally follow. xo


    1. Many thanks, Pam. And I got your pieces. I will space them during the coming month as I make a start on the second, if that’s good with you. You’ve been ace. As have all of my guests. Real live support. Can’t buy it.x


  3. Couldn’t have put it better Mark – Momus, my big sista, is an incredibly talented writer – she used to tell me the most wonderful stories when we were younger (mind you, some of them she said at the time were ‘true’ and I was duped then cried when she said she’d made them up – but a couple of days later I’d realise her perfect story was ‘written’ in her mind just for me, to make me feel better) Ace of a sister. Momus, how much did you say you’d pay me for fabulous comments again???!!!

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  4. Love it! Can’t wait to see more. SO many congratulations for the huge accomplishment! My laptop is on its last legs right now, but you know I’m happy to help with anything you might want some helping with!

    And you’ve made me miss the Highlands even more (actually got to have a quick glance through the pictures last night- hope to see them all and get some of them posted soonest!).

    Go, you! Fantastic job. So proud of you (though I never doubted for a minute!). xo

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    1. Just re-read on a computer that isn’t threatening to shut down at any minute and seriously got chills. Chills, I tells ya! Really anxious to see where this is going, A-M. Awesomesauce! xo


      1. Chills are good! 🙂 I’m pretty sure where the next one is going and need to work on that so I can doubleback without error – hopefully. So I’m making a start on the second one and getting all excited again. I don’t think I’ll be pushing myself quite so hard though if only so’s my kids get to see me!x


  5. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (is it even possible to have too much exclamation points here???)

    I see NaNoWriMo days has paid off. Well, is paying off. 🙂

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  6. Wonderful! I notice it hits a couple of topics we have discussed: the retelling of History and the view from the little people who basically go unwritten about. The other topic, The Awakening and The Evolved, parallel close to stuff my mum has been reading and sharing with me. She seems to feel I am one of the first Crystal Children, since what she is referring to states a few were born in my time. She finds a lot of my views and behaviors blend well with this ‘enhanced state of being’. A little out there for me, but then again, I am seriously wondering if I am a member of the same human race as so many I hear and see. I just don’t understand so many people, so perhaps I am ‘evolved’. Still need spell check though, so I can’t be too evolved. I like where you are going with this. If I ‘beta read’ your work, I am sure you would never talk to me again. LOL Awesome work. Are you going to print it off and frame it? My mum would make sure I did, but I probably wouldn’t, just me though.

    Peace & Love


    1. Thanks, Rene, for reading it all. 🙂 I’ll still talk to whoever ends up beta reading. I’m pretty sure they’ll deserve a holiday in the Highlands by the end of it all, ploughing through plot holes. Hopefully, I’ll have ironed a few of those out though before I ask anyone to read. I’m fairly good with criticism. I think! 🙂 I do enough of it myself in school. Always constructively I hasten to add. So I know the benefits of an objective eye. It can make all the difference. Especially when I’m too close to the project to see what might be obvious to others. I’m actually trying to resist the impulse to go into it again just now and twiddle. It needs time to rest and prove in my mind.x

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