Listening Eastward

(Guest post for Anne-Marie)

will you read to me
from Upanishads
of the brahman and atman
the soundless peace
resounding in aum

bring me god
back inside my self
where knowing us both
becomes possible

read me cosmologies of spirit
the universe senses of all
read me psychologies of we selves
the immortal senses of me
read me theologies of deity
the powerful senses of one

will you read to me
from Upanishads
of vedanta and gita
the noisy destruction
of ignorant thought

bring me god
back inside my self
revealing that all
exists in my hand

– Paul F. Lenzi

Published by

Paul F. Lenzi

Retired insurance company executive. New Jersey born and bred, now enjoying the lush mountains and blissful tranquility of quaint New Hampshire. There is no theme to this blog. My poetry is eclectic. My polemics are judgmental. My prose is thoughtful. All of my writing is unschooled but emphatically heartfelt. Some of it is for fun and allows me to play with and experiment with words and ideas. Some of it vents my emotion and is therein therapeutic. All of it has the quality of subjective truth and conveys who and what I am in my depths.