Dark Days


Utter embarrassment,

Watching consumerism gone mad.


If ever anyone needed it,


Not to mention,



So sad.


19 thoughts on “Dark Days”

  1. Sis, the madness of Black Friday beggars belief – some of the things I’ve seen/watched, shared on Facebook today, have been horrendous sights – God help us all xx

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  2. Sis, it’s just as well we both hate shopping – for anything (well, unless it’s stationery and even then I’d rather do it online!). Wonder where everyone gets the money from anyway? xx


  3. Good post momus. If they would only look within. It has stirred up a post, couldn’t help myself. Mind you, it is more about what happens when we do finally look within rather than the above craziness 🙂


  4. So over here, across the ole pond, they have now successfully taken away Thanksgiving, the whole bloody mess starts around 2:00 in the afternoon, on line and at some stores, I keep hearing the sound of Herbert Morrison in my mind, “Oh the humanity”! Idiots is more like it!

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    1. Defied description really. I heard a few talk about it in school but didn’t see it until the news later last night. It did fill me with shame and some despair at our culture, I have to say. I hope to god more start to see an alternative, Chris. It doesn’t bear thinking about if this is what goes on inside people’s minds.

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    1. Please don’t let that be true. I was mortified thinking what anyone ‘without’ must think at the actions. Understanding why we are seen, by some cultures, as evil in our priorities. But I want to think it’s a blip. That the majority are not like that. It’s too sad to think otherwise.


  5. What I have noticed in watching the videos is the location and demographics of the population doing all the shopping. The videos are almost always in a Wal-Mart, and the people appear (note, appear, so don’t get any ruffled feathers anyone!) to be of lower socioeconomic group. I know this isn’t true all around, but this may be the reason I never encountered this behavior when I managed a retail store, as it was a specialty higher end store. My mum actually went to Wal-Mart (had no other choice) on Thanksgiving Day, hoping to miss the crowds, and she went before noon. She said the store had a lot more people than usual, yet she could see many items were not available until 6:00 p.m. It is crazy to behave like this. There is a video I also watched yesterday in which people from 1983 were interviewed in a mall on Black Friday, and it compared to present day. Amazing! People have gone totally crazy.


    1. I noticed myself, Rene, that there were no pics of Harrods with shoppers there going mental. Wonder if they did. Or if they had no need to given ample resources to splurge at any time. All very discreet but no less offensive in many ways. Maybe I should look more kindly on the images seen and recognise the manipulation involved in the way these sales are conducted. Still doesn’t really excuse folk acting like savages right enough.

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