Recalled with Thanks

We don’t do Thanksgiving here in Scotland. But we do do giving thanks. (That doesn’t sound right…do do). Anyway…

Today I recollect the day of my mum’s death.

Cheery, I know. But it is, in many ways, because I get to give thanks to her for being my mum, for being who she was and who she still is, living on in my mind and heart.

I get to remember her and all the people I love because that was what she was all about.

She and my dad. Fourteen days from now I get to especially remember him all over again.

I get to think about what mattered to them and how they went about it in their everydayness. I can do that anytime, I know. But today makes me reflect more fully on all that I have to be thankful for, past, present and future.

And because I’m thankful for so many wonderful people in my life and the love that surrounds me I want to pass it on.

Thank you to all who read these pages. And thank you to all my beautiful guests who carried this blog for the month of November. I really struggle to find words of apt appreciation. You showed love and I love you for it.

Thank you all.x



13 thoughts on “Recalled with Thanks”

  1. My heart went out to you reading this. We are getting closer to our first Christmas without my mum. … Tough for my father and us. We were lucky to have her for so long. Like you I am thankful for so much.

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    1. I’m sorry for your loss. That first year has to be the most dfficult. Every first occasion without them there. I still went to buy my mum treats for ages and then would remember in the middle of the supermarket that she’d gone. It’s a huge shift in mind to adjust to but, I promise, it does become easier and then the stories and humour can be recalled with as much pleasure as if they were still in the room. I’m glad you and your family have each other for support; that’s a huge reason to be thankful. I pray your Christmas has laughter in among the tears. Hugs.x

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      1. Yea it is tough… Thanks for your kind words. Like you i still habe dupermarketomdnts… Theblittke sweet treats she loved and almost make it to my trolley before i remember…again…


  2. Written with great love momus. No other can give and nourish our truth more than that feeling within that we naturally give from. A very big hug given to you my beautiful friend. I thank you for the sharing of your journey and it is gladly taken for it also nourishes my journey as well. Namaste xx

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  3. Awe sis, so lovely – today I am thankful for so much – especially having such a fabulous sister who is also my friend – and ffs, gonae stop makin’ me greet!!! xxxx


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