Driving on a highway where the sun shines,

Shadowed by the ghosts that haunt the light,

Veering left and right and ever onwards,

Watchful still, in rearview, that gives sight.

Stopping when in need of nourish’d succour,

Spying travell’rs haunted in the wayside posts,

Rushing to replenish, journey forward,

Avoiding spectres but communing with the ghosts.

Fleet of flight they keep apace with ease when,

Surging foot depresses on the gas,

Never overtaking but still present,

The ghosts of all the futures from the past,

Chiding gently, always so persistent, 

‘Remember all’, they call and follow on,

Repeating on the wind and on the highway,

Dead but don’t forget, their poignant song.

2 thoughts on “Remember”

  1. Can you use the word Ne’er in one of your poems? I think you’re the only one who could get away with it, and I like that contraction. I find it underutilized. Beautiful poem, as always.


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