Whisper On A Breeze

There’s a void where the voice of love is missing,

Though it’s present still, it’s lonely and afraid,

Like a child bereft of toys and comfort, silent, waiting

For a glimpse of dawn to make the shadows fade.

There’s a vacant sign above the hearts that feel this,

As if love will ne’er enter there again,

That easing passage to the pining chambers

Will always be a path that’s fraught with fear and pain.

There’s a wind though that wends its way between, among us,

A breath of love that whispers into fissur’d hearts

Forever pouring forth from airy fountain,

Carrying love on breeze to bring voice back.


23 thoughts on “Whisper On A Breeze”

      1. I actually try to imitate. I love doing accents 🙂

        Filipinos have certain tones and accents, too. Sometimes, without knowing the actual race of one person, I hear him/her talk, even in English, and know immediately, “Ah, Pinoy/Pinay” (Oh, Filipino/Filipina). They can be perfect in vocabulary and diction, but the tone gives them away, he he.


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