Once Upon A Truth

Once upon a time a girl, a boy,

Once upon a time that look, the joy,

Once upon a time the kiss, that touch,

Once upon a time all meant so much.


Once upon a rhyme, another day,

Once upon dream, a different way,

Once upon a never that began,

Once upon a woman and a man.


Once upon the fairy tales we feast,

Once upon the beauty and the beast,

Once upon the endings ever after,

Once upon book written with new chapters.


Fairy tales, some magic and the rest,

Roses, perfume’d poetry at best,

Tales retold in bud of flow’ring youth,

Recount, recant, revamp with shades of truth.

8 thoughts on “Once Upon A Truth”

  1. I like the little twist at the end of this, both stylistically and in thought: it draws focus on the true nature of fairy tales, and also brings into question our own dreams and memories. Good work.


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