Pain’s Sin

Positioned for the flogging, bending double,

Head to knees, hands to ankles grasp and firmly grip,

Exposed back sweats anticipation, ears awaiting

Swish! another crack of whip.

Bleeding from the wounds not self-inflicted

But not tied or tethered there by chains or cord,

Safety self-assured by strongly spoken,

Enough! Desist! Over! Similar word.

Pain received or given, if consenting, strange to me

Tho’ all kinds it takes to make this world to spin,

But inflicting same, in name of austere measures

While quaffing champagne, that to me, is sin.


19 thoughts on “Pain’s Sin”

    1. Taking the food from people’s mouths and the roofs from over their heads is a bigger sin in my book than any other imagined. They don’t know the meaning of pain – yet.


    1. Thanks, Barbara. The politicians who supposedly run the UK are a bunch of parasitic, selfish, hypocritical bastards. Every time I hear one of them speak on the economy I could vomit at the audacity and complete ineptitude to grasp the reality of people’s lives. While they drink champagne. Sick to my stomach with the whole damn lot of them.

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